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Decentralized Video Platform Viuly Makes Block O2O and Fintech O2O Appearances

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read
Decentralized Video Platform Viuly Makes Block O2O and Fintech O2O Appearances
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Blockchain-based competitor of YouTube, video sharing platform Viuly, presented its vision of more efficient ways of distributing/sharing videos and monetizing content at the Block O2O and Fintech O2O summits.

The blockchain-based platform for sharing videos, Viuly, has recently made appearances at the Block O2O and Fintech O2O conferences in Hong Kong, widely regarded as gatherings for some of the most promising blockchain experts internationally.

There Viuly presented its mission of breaking away from the monopolies of current video hosting online, by proposing its own decentralized system designed to connect video creators and viewers, resulting in a fair distribution of advertising revenue, as well as an open and free environment for video content.

The Block O2O and Fintech O2O summits brought together enthusiasts and experts from across the globe to discuss the state of blockchain and its future prospects, attracting entrepreneurs, financiers, economists and regulators to listen to over 100 speakers address more than 100 investors and 1,800 representatives. All these took place at the epicenter of Hong Kong’s Soho district of glitz and glamor – the Police Military Quarters (PMQ), a colonial age building remodeled as an ultra-modern convention center.

The team made public presentations on stage during two-day summit that began on May 8th, 2018, whereby the Viuly idea was introduced by Igor Glavatskiy, Zahid Ali and Andrei Druta, who outlined Viuly’s achievements in 2018.

Shortly after, the team participated in several investor meetings behind closed doors to pitch their project to potential partners, while showcasing its working platform to other participants and engaging in topical discussions on blockchain.

Additionally, Viuly members visited the Hong Kong headquarters of the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange, reporting great synergy and interactions with its highly professional and motivated representatives.

The Viuly Edge on Video Sharing

Via blockchain innovation, Viuly proposes a quicker and more efficient way of distributing and sharing videos, while rethinking the way content is monetized.

Through decentralization intermediaries are eliminated, along with the hefty commissions and fees associated with traditional video advertising. Revenue is returned to creators and shared with viewers, thereby incentivizing better quality and quantity of content. Because viewers have direct access to content, they can also tip their favorite authors, with all donations 100% channelled to their recipients.

Even advertisers stand to benefit, as the direct interaction with content producers and viewers meanы greater value for every advertising dollar spent.

All value interactions and monetization of services are efficiently managed automatically via smart contracts, powered by Viuly’s native digital asset, the VIU token.

VIU tokens were earlier distributed via a free airdrop campaign last year, giving Ethereum users 20 VIU tokens for every 1 ETH they owned in their wallets. The five-day campaign resulted in about one million new VIU holders, able to access and use services on the Viuly platform, with a beta version due to go online in June.

Today, more than a million users are watching, creating and sharing videos on over 76,000 channels on the Viuly platform. Advertisers can already begin buying ad packages to show ads to an active community.

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