Volare to Kick Start Public Sale of VOLR Token

October 5th, 2022 at 12:13 pm UTC · 3 min read

Volare to Kick Start Public Sale of VOLR Token
Photo: Volare

Volare, the web 3.0 platform for developers and gamers, has announced that the public sale of VOLR token will finally kick off on September 27th (00:00 UTC September 27th, 2022).

Volare Network is the first commercially viable blockchain network, and developers can easily develop and publish games and other entertainment contents by utilizing various tools provided in the Network. It is aiming to bring gaming into the new Play-to-Rank (P2R) / Play-to-Earn (P2E) revolution. Volare (“VOLR”) is a token used on Volare Network for the purpose of reserving and measuring the value of the services provided on the network and incentivizing operations of validator nodes. VOLR will be the main currency of the network to be exchanged freely with other service tokens on the DEX, Game Center and Launchpad.

With this announcement, anyone who wishes to apply for the subscription of VOLRs must deliver to Foundation Ethers (“ETHs”) in the amount corresponding to the value of the VOLRs and thus must have such ETHs in advance of accessing Launchpad. The value of ETHs is determined as the price of Ether published by CoinMarketCap at the time when the transfer of ETHs is confirmed at the Ethereum mainnet (i.e., 10~20 minutes later after remittance of ETHs with Metamask wallet). Please note that delivery of ETHs from Applicants to Foundation must be made through Metamask wallet, not through Whisper MSG. VOLRs will be mainly used for deposit, fee payment to operators, game playing, purchasing game items, fund raising, and more. Please find more details of VOLR here.  

Volare’s ultimate goal is to construct a vast ecosystem for blockchain-based games on the network using the Volare token and the high speed and unlimited scalability of the Equilibrium blockchain engine created by EQBR Holdings.

For the public pre-sale procedure, please see the below:

  1. Install Whisper MSG and create account
  2. Install MetaMask extension and be sure to have enough funds(ETH)
  3. Verify KYC prior to joining the sale. KYC procedure is now live on Volare Website!
  4. Participate in public sale through launchpad

About EQBR Holdings

Founded in 2020, EQBR has engaged with various businesses as an operator, investor and third-party solutions provider. EQBR’s innovative blockchain engine called Equilibrium is the world’s first commercially-viable blockchain. Since then, EQBR has developed several dApps on top of Equilibrium, including Whisper Messenger (a blockchain-based secure messenger), EQ Hub (a low-code developer tool) and now, My Flex (an NFT minting platform).


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