VR Hardware, Bonuses Await Participants of Virtual Marketplace ViMarket Token Sale

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VR Hardware, Bonuses Await Participants of Virtual Marketplace ViMarket Token Sale
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ViMarket, the revolutionary marketplace, that aims to introduce a new online 3D shopping experience, plans to hand round generous gifts to its early supporters.

Los Angeles-based ViMarket has now announced an exciting bonus scheme of 10,000 VITOKEN (VIT tokens) that will be awarded to selected participants of its token generation event (TGE).

ViMarket is now promising that early contributors will be entitled to receive virtual reality (VR) hardware, depending on the size of their commitments, while supplies last. These gifts start at an entry-level “cloud” package that includes the “VR-EZ” mobile clip-on viewers, and continues with the all-inclusive “Pro” package of a Vizor headset and Glasses Free 3D Tablet. The biggest backers will be eligible for selection to receive the Avi1ator next-generation headset capable of delivering PC-based VR experiences in a fraction of the size and weight of similar equipments like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

All selected recipients of the VR hardware will receive the items via US Mail. They can also opt to pick up the gifts themselves at company exhibitions including at the Blockchain Expo in Silicon Valley this week upon receipt of customer purchase of VIT tokens. All gifts are courtesy of the firm’s partnership with Flightdeck VR.

According to ViMarket Marketing Visionary Prudence McNellis, the promotion coincided with the festive season, while also raising awareness of the upcoming token sale:

“We believe that ViMarket customers who experience the excitement of being “Visionaries”; able to build accurate, photorealistic virtual scenes that represent their both their real and desired lives will want to experience their creations in VR.”

The Cyber Monday announcement will mean that a limited number of TGE contributors will now stand to gain even more value for money, with early participants of the pre-sale that begins on January 7th, 2018, already buying VIT for a third of the price of the general sale at $0.25 per token. They will also benefit from a newly adapted, institutional grade token sales and distribution platform that was introduced by ViMarket in response to the high demand and expected volume of participation in the TGE.

All interested participants can find our more details and terms about this limited availability promotion at ViMarket.io.

Live Virtually – Save in Reality

The goal of ViMarket will be to create a community of Citizens and enable them to recreate their lives virtually through the purchase of Virsions – Virtual 3D Assets – within its platform.

Its solution will aim to benefit an entire range of market participants, from retailers and shoppers to developers and marketeers. At once a disruptive solution that will revolutionize wish lists, social influencer marketing, loyalty and reward schemes, ViMarket utilizes innovative modern technology centered around the creation of new and immersive experiences.

Through the heightening of customer purchase aspirations, ViMarket will result in better tracking of customer paths to purchase, providing an accurate measure of citizen trends via its 3D asset marketplace of merchant-sponsored products.

About ViMarket

ViMarket will represent the world’s first 3D marketplace that will allow any user in the world to connect to the Internet via any device to create and share their unique VR experiences with one another.

Whether it be for personal use or commercial purposes, all VR creations will be produced with ViMarket’s proprietary editor, lending interactive, photo-realistic simulations to user creations without the need for professional training or experience. With its current focus on the real estate and interior design industries, the company is fast expanding to bring fashion, automotive, and eventually all e-commerce vehicles under its wings.

To learn more about ViMarket and the token sale, visit its website or read its whitepaper.

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