Want Your Money Pay Off? Here’s 10 Startups to Invest In

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Want Your Money Pay Off? Here’s 10 Startups to Invest In
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As crypto market has developed into truly complex environment, it’s extremely difficult to decide which cryptos are worth time and money. Check out our list of ten most promising companies, we advise to look into.

In cryptocurrency, as in majority (if not all) other financial industries, seizing an opportunity before it becomes mainstream often brings huge financial returns. But, being already huge, the crypto world is growing every day – 211 ICOs were launched in 2017, and ICOs, which took place in 2018, have already generated almost one billion dollars even before February’s end.

In this complex and exuberant environment, how do you know which cryptos are worth your time and money? Here are ten companies we recommend to look into:

1. Securrency

Owing to its platform, which allows users trade almost any kind of asset, whether that’s currency, stocks, traditionally illiquid entities, or even cryptocurrency, Securrency is believed to become the next big thing in financial trading. Using a Securrency token, representative of asset values, the company is committed to providing a safe and legal environment for all crypto traders. This guaranteed by its regulatory software ensuring KYC/AML compliance and necessary investor accreditation for most trades. In addition, safety is additionally secured by a recently announced partnership with Blockchain Intelligence Group, meaning that BitRank Verified software will keep the platform free of crypto funds used for illegal purposes.

2. Nano Vision

Nano Vision is seeking to revolutionize the world of healthcare research by creating proprietary Nano Sense microchips, which collect molecular-level data and store it on the blockchain ledger while minting Nano Token cryptocurrencies. A machine-learning AI program will repeatedly analyze the data to find new connections and identify maximum likely areas for future breakthroughs. In such a way, the entire system turns Nano Token users into a kind of citizen scientists, advancing data analytics in this currently inefficiency-plagued sector. To live up all its ambitious plans, Nano Vision added semiconductor company Arm to its list of promising partnerships.

3. Muirfield IP

The real estate world has been always moving towards the lowest-friction and most transparent solutions, making it very exciting to see what blockchain technology can introduce out there. Being one of the world’s leading private equity real estate investment firms, Muirfield Investment Partners works towards providing flexible, efficient, and innovative financing and investing solutions for investors and development sponsors alike. Not surprising that there are rumors stating that company is to be launching an ICO in 2018.

4. Utopi

Donors often can’t tell how charities actually use their money: some may and often do blatantly abuse donor trust by spending funds on luxurious salaries or unnecessary administrative costs. That’s why many individuals are rightfully more hesitant to give to nonprofits than they would be if they had a transparent way to check the real expenditures. Utopi was founded to address the shadow nature of how charities spend donated funds providing transparent donation venue. The solution enables donors see how exactly their funds are spent, as everything is ensured by the blockchain ledger.

5. Deedcoin

Deedcoin is highly likely to sweep the real estate segment of crypto market as it offers its users a possibility to save their mon. Deedcoin recognized that the real estate landscape has a big inefficiency in the form of high realtor commissions, which often take up about 6% of sale values causing substantial losses for buyers and sellers. When home sellers pay their commission in Deedcoin to a Deedcoin-approved realtor, they only pay 1% of the sale value instead. In such a way, home sellers save, while Deedcoin realtors benefit from membership in an exclusive network.

6. OpenBazaar

Most cryptocurrencies can still only be legally used to make purchases after they’re cashed out in exchanges, and even such promising developments as Overstock.com accepting Bitcoin don’t change the situation. OpenBazaar, however, enables users to directly exchange cryptos for goods and services, making the marketplace far more accessible. Being launched in 2014, OpenBazaar announced an update becoming a more user-friendly in November, and started accepting Bitcoin Cash in February. As this platform continues to evolve it has all the chances to become one of the pivotal marketplaces in the crypto world.

7. AuditChain

What made blockchain such a revolutionary technology is its ability to create an immutable, accessible, and complex ledger of transactions, which allow such level of transparent recording that hadn’t been available before. AuditChain, “the world’s first decentralized continuous audit and real time reporting ecosystem for enterprise and token statistics disclosure,” uses blockchain tech, and its access token AUDT, to record essential information connected with business transactions, providing relevant documentation whenever companies are audited or undergo self-audit.

8. Crypterium

The second-highest  ICO fundraiser of 2018 so far, Crypterium is working to truly mainstream cryptos by building a comprehensive cryptocurrency ecosystem for buying, trading, and paying with cryptocurrencies – much like user-friendly digital platforms, which made daily banking possible for most people today. Having a full ecosystem launch scheduled for 2020, Crypterium plans to launch their fully mobile cryptobank in 2018. Crypterium’s standard tokens are used to pay transaction fees inside the platform.

9. Stellar

Stellar which has deservedly received a lot of media coverage in the past few weeks, provides fast, scalable network for transferring value across international borders, allowing its user to send, say, $50 to a friend somewhere in Tokyo where they can withdraw it in Yen (using the best exchange rate). CNBC reports that Stellar’s average transaction time is only 2-5 seconds, making its network far faster than Bitcoin.


Only those, who have to park their cars in crowded city streets, understand that space is a precious commodity in urban environments. PARKGENE’s concept is to apply an AirBnB-like platform to parking spaces, utilizing the security and cost-lowering efficiency of cryptocurrencies (dedicated GENE tokens). With this platform drivers can find and rent parking spots quickly, while the efficiency of blockchain smart contracts makes the whole process cheaper, safer, and faster than most other parking operators.

Tell us in the comments which crypto companies are you watching in 2018?

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