Wargaming Starts Accepting Bitcoin Following Bitpay Integration

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Wargaming Starts Accepting Bitcoin Following Bitpay Integration

BitPay partners with Wargaming to enable its gaming platform to accept Bitcoin.

BitPay has recently collaborated with Wargaming, Belarusian-based online multiplayer gaming giant, to enable its massively-multiplayer online (MMO) gaming platform to accept Bitcoin.

Wargaming’s integration of the BitPay processing technology is one of the first implementation of the Payment Protocol standard, which allows Wargaming customers to purchase virtual gold faster, broadcasting their transaction to the Bitcoin network in less time.

Customers can still check out with any bitcoin wallet, but Wargaming’s integration collects a return address in advance in case there are any transaction issues, which reduces the need for back and forth between customers and Wargaming’s support team.

“With bitcoin, Wargaming is taking a new step to reach the growing base of users playing its MMO games in the United States. As a native digital top-up method, bitcoin will give Wargaming’s customers an alternative to filling out credit card forms and a simpler, faster way to get the virtual gold they need,” said James Warpole, BitPay’s Marketing and Communications Officer in the company’s blogpost.

”We’re excited to help bring bitcoin to Wargaming’s players. Bitcoin is built for online experiences like gaming, and we’re committed to helping companies like Wargaming use this technology make those experiences more seamless, secure, and fun for users,” he added.

Bitcoin integration will take Wargaming a step further to reach the growing base of users playing its MMO games in the U.S. It will give the players an alternative payment option and a simpler, faster way to get the virtual gold they need.

“We’re pleased to announce that tankers, pilots or commanders in the U.S. have a new way to pay for Premium vehicles and Gold/Doubloons – Bitcoin! Effectively immediately, you’ll be able to make simple, safe and convenient purchases from any Bitcoin wallet through our partner BitPay,” is said on Wargaming’s website. The company explains to its users, how to use the new payment option.

About two weeks ago, BitPay partnered with OPSkins, a popular gaming platform which enables CounterStrike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) players to purchase in-game skins used to decorate CS:GO weapons using Bitcoin.

According to BitPay, OPSkins has seen a substantial increase in the number of Bitcoin purchases, paying out nearly US$40,000 to its sellers every day, in Bitcoin. With Wargaming and OPSkin’s integration of Bitcoin, the BitPay team is attempting to disrupt the gaming industry using Bitcoin.

Besides, the company aims to integrate its Bitcoin payment processing technologies in leading gaming platforms, to enable gamers to purchase in-game items with ease, using Bitcoin micropayments.

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