Watford FC and Shirt Sponsor Sportsbet.io Take Bitcoin to the Pitch

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Watford FC and Shirt Sponsor Sportsbet.io Take Bitcoin to the Pitch
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Bitcoin and football lovers had a lovely surprise on Sunday when the Watford FC team welcomed Arsenal to Vicarage Road, as all the players wore their home jerseys with an update: the ubiquitous Bitcoin logo on a sleeve.

To celebrate the sponsorship with all Bitcoiners, Sportsbet.io promised to give away $20 in Bitcoin as a Free Bet to all Sportsbet.io players, if Watford can score a goal against Arsenal. Now it’s interesting to see, whether Sportsbet.io will pay $40 to each of its players, as the match ended with a 2:2 score.

This was the first time in history that a top-tier team in English football ever had Bitcoin in any shape or form make a public appearance to a match that was beamed live to millions of people around the world.

Creative sports betting brand Sportsbet.io, as a brand of Betting Sponsor Coingaming.io and shirt sponsor of Watford FC, made the update as part of its ongoing awareness campaign revolving around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

As we’ve already reported, this campaign will use the logo as a specific activity that will directly elevate Bitcoin recognition, in its wider efforts in public education about crypto use. As the primary shirt sponsor of Watford FC, they will do this hand in hand with the Hornets, with whom a historic deal was agreed to back in June.

Justin Le Brocque, Head of Marketing at Sportsbet.io, explained the logic of the move by saying that it was “a fun way to give back while also showing our support” for the crypto community, which he says has been “massively supportive” of the gaming firm since their inception.

The Bitcoin logo, while symbolic of the crypto roots of Watford FC’s shirt sponsor, is also embedded into actual real-life usage at the football club. The crowd-funded sponsorship is a way to give exclusive benefits to the many Bitcoin users who now support Watford FC. With a new “Money can’t buy, but Bitcoin can” policy, members of the public can bid for public LED spaces shown during live matches, the use of the “Bitcoin box” for up to 8 people, as well as unique Hornets merchandise.

Le Brocque believes that Sportsbet.io’s unique partnership with Watford as a milestone in the efforts to provide the public with correct information and awareness about Bitcoin, noting the many myths and mistaken reputation surrounding crypto. He referred to the partnership as “a major disruption in the world of traditional sports sponsorship”, saying:

“…by adding the Bitcoin logo we hope this world’s first partnership will create even more buzz around cryptocurrencies.”

His words were echoed by Watford FC Chairman and CEO Scott Duxbury, who expressed great excitement about the partnership and the “new global conversations” that this latest move could potentially start for the Hertfordshire club. He said:

“Placing the Bitcoin logo on a Premier League shirt is something that challenges the accepted norm.”

In August 2019, Sportsbet signed a partnership with Watford that stretches into 2022, making history as the first crypto-related company ever making an appearance on an English Premier League shirt. They also launched the ‘Know No Borders’ campaign, highlighting the brand’s commitment to an athlete’s talents on the field, looking past their citizenship, sport, team or currency.

Play with Bitcoin, other crypto and regular currency in a fun, fair and fast experience at Sportsbet.io or follow them for updates on Twitter and on Reddit.

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