WeatherBlock Harnessing Weather for Better Business Decisions

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
WeatherBlock Harnessing Weather for Better Business Decisions

WeatherBlock is presenting its decentralized ecosystem for peer-to-peer weather data exchange to solve the problem of incongruent and inaccurate data.

There is an increasing demand for more reliable and accurate weather forecast system. Growth in transportation (shipping and aviation), rapid industrialization, searching for renewable energy sources and ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as increase in production – these all have a great impact on climate and, therefore, weather forecasting service market.

Weather forecasting has many functions, including providing information for the optimization of operations, issuing warnings against disasters and increasing the efficiency of industries relying on weather. That’s why there is a great need for a kind of ecosystem providing congruent and accurate data information. This is exactly what WeatherBlock is developing.

Industries, such as sea transportation, vastly rely on timely, accurate and visual information to avoide stormy weather and other underlying situations detrimental to the business. With the new technology offered by WeatherBlock, integrating advanced IoT weather stations and blockchain technology, the transportation industries can make better decisions.

Accurate weather information is vital not only for transportation. Industries, such as infrastructure, agriculture, commercial drone operation, and even outdoor services providers, also depend on weather conditions, so the demand for higher resolution data can’t be overestimated.

WeatherBlock is looking forward to solving the problem of lacking marketplace for weather data sale. The reason for that is people’s perception of weather changes as a difficult phenomenon to detect or explain. With the appearance of such modern technologies as smart and IoT connected sensors, it has become much easier to provide more data and information.

WeatherBlock has developed a decentralized model, that can serve as an ecosystem for the collection and exchange of weather data. The network leverages blockchain technology to create a reward system for participation, as well as safe transaction market.

By providing a blockchain protocol with BloomSky, a weather database, the company aims to provide the weather forecasting industry with trustworthy nano data and real-time images.

The community will be built on a decentralized network for hyper-local weather data. This will allow community members to benefit from the peer-to-peer transactions with the use of the technology. It will also provide the weather data exchange market with integrity.

Micro-transactions will be enabled since the ecosystem make use of cryptocurrency. Community members will be able to monetize their data or get a return on investment in BloomSky’s IoT sensors. They can also mine data from their backyard weather and use the market to sell or train their data, services and products.

The market will open a way out for buyers and sellers to interact on a trustworthy platform. The medium of exchange will, however, be WeatherBlock’s WXB native token, a medium for data exchange or sales. Community members can use it for smart contract transactions and trade it on the ecosystem for digital assets.

Community members will also benefit from WeatherBlock’s technology for providing, verifying, and storage of data in the nexus node. WeatherBlock’s ecosystem also includes a reward system for increasing participation in the weather data market.

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