Web3 Power Gathering VIP Dinner Successfully Held

May 5th, 2023 at 12:45 pm UTC · 4 min read

Web3 Power Gathering VIP Dinner Successfully Held

On April 28, 2023, ​Analog, Chainge, dappOS, Spark Digital Capital, Web3Port, Kucoin Ventures, Mint Ventures, SparkAI, SAO Network, HashKey Capital presented the Web3 Power Gathering VIP Dinner during Consensus 2023, a gathering of VCs and founders from across the crypto industry.

Web3 Power Gathering gathers the most notable VCs and startups in the Web3 ecosystem and provides an opportunity for attendees to exchange ideas and share experiences.

A total of 200+ participants, including industrial influencers, blockchain enthusiasts, and investors, discussed various topics like Web3 trends, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, dapps, digital assets, etc., covering tech development, commercial scenarios and market prospects.

The attendees tried their best to explore new opportunities and shared their success stories and track records, which contributed to the event highlights.

Some participants said that  Web3 Power Gathering was particularly successful because it allowed them to express ideas and share experiences in a friendly and relaxed environment. The gathering strengthens the host community unit and brings the participants into a broader space for connections and more opportunities.

Web3 Power Gathering VIP Dinner Successfully Held

Web3 Power Gathering VIP Dinner Successfully Held

A Special Thanks to the Hosts below:

​Spark Digital Capital

​Established in 2017, Spark Digital Capital is an NY based family office with 300+ portfolios in the industry.

​Spark can be considered as a strong value adder in the industry, and is one of the top 10 most active crypto investor 2021 along with Coinbase venture Research according to The Block.


​The world’s first decentralized acceleration protocol, linking web3 start-ups and contributors through BUILDING tools to accelerate their innovation.

Kucoin Ventures

​KuCoin Ventures, the leading investment arm of KuCoin Exchange, aims to invest in the most disruptive crypto and blockchain projects of the Web 3.0 era.

​As a community-friendly and research-driven investor, KuCoin Ventures works closely with portfolio projects throughout the entire life cycle, with a focus on DeFi, GameFi, and other Web3.0 infrastructures.

​Mint Ventures

​Mint Ventures is a research-driven venture firm that specializes in cryptocurrency and early-stage blockchain start-ups. It is committed to paving the way for blockchain and Web3 revolution by funding promising blockchain companies with positive and sophisticated fundamentals and helping them propel the business forward.


​dappOS is an operating protocol that manages crypto infrastructures for users. Anyone can access dapps without complicated workflow or crypto knowledge.


​SparkAI Labs is a web3 incubator dedicated to empowering the developements in web3 + AI field. Founded by cryptojames, former OKX CEO for global markets, the core team consists of crypto professionals from all over the world. Specialized in global resources, the team can empower its portfolios in various ways beyond investment.

​SAO Network

​SAO Network is a decentralized storage infrastructure for Web3 powered by Hedra Labs. It provides a decentralized storage protocol based on Cosmos SDK and IPFS to increase the adoption of Web3 content storage and facilitate its ecosystem applications.


​Chainge is a Defi app that aims to empower people from all corners of the world to become their own digital bank. With Chainge’s automated financial services, users will have complete control over their wealth while enjoying 100% freedom & security.


​Analog is a cutting-edge layer-0 cross-chain communication protocol designed to address the growing need for seamless interoperability among various blockchains. By enabling diverse L1 and L2 networks to exchange messages, Analog aims to resolve composability challenges that currently hinder the development of powerful cross-chain applications. As an omnichain interoperability solution, Analog empowers dApp developers to build and connect their smart contracts and applications across multiple chains, fostering greater collaboration and innovation in the blockchain ecosystem.

HashKey Capital

​Global in influence and crypto-native, HashKey Capital is a digital asset and blockchain leader helping institutions, founders and talents advance the blockchain industries.

​​HashKey Capital, one of the largest crypto funds and the earliest institutional investor in Ethereum, has managed over US$1 billion in client assets since its inception, with over 500 investments in infrastructure, tools, and applications.