Welcome To Foxtopia, A Thriving NFT Gaming Platform

Place/Date: - November 26th, 2021 at 10:46 pm UTC · 4 min read
Source: Foxtopia

NFTs have revolutionized the gaming sector by bridging the gap between traditional gaming assets and real-life use cases.

Its core structure and operational models have created a new world for gamers by allowing them to invest, earn and diversify their income while doing what they love.

The Problem

There have been plenty of  NFT gaming platforms, however most of which have prioritized the financial aspect of the game while neglecting the importance of fun and an engaging storyline. The problem with this is that players no longer enjoy the fun in the process, almost making NFT gaming another form of a traditional job.

We realized this, and knew it could be done differently. This was the drive behind creating an enjoyable, engaging, and also  financially rewarding gaming experience – Foxtopia.

Welcome to Foxtopia

Foxtopia was a land where utopia existed between five clans of foxes and their little companions. Each had their own skills and strengths, unique to every clan.

The kingdom was peaceful and harmonious under the rule of the ancient and mythical nine-tailed foxes, and were a symbol of peace and serenity. They had the ability to shapeshift, making its true identity never known. Only once in a century did they appear under a pink moon, and take on its true form.

Nature, life, and all things were kind to them until one day, a single nine-tailed fox went rogue with the intention of sowing discord and wreaking havoc within the kingdom. Peace was destroyed and what was left of the once-thriving Foxtopia was battle, greed, and a fight for power to rule the kingdom.

Now more than ever, Foxtopia needs brave and strong warriors. We need individuals ready to lead the foxes and their supportive companions to strengthen the team, guide the warriors to victory and restore utopia within the kingdom.

Foxtopia needs you.

Owning a Foxtopia NFT is the first show of strength

As a NFT gaming platform, we have created a unique collection of 10,000 Foxtopia NFTs that will be launching in December 2021. These NFTs will be available on secondary marketplaces that will be confirmed on our social media channels.

Aside from giving access to unique gaming characters, the NFT ownership serves as eligibility to participate in pre-sale events of future NFT mints, staking of NFTs to receive Foxie tokens, and giveaway contests. Gifts may include Foxtopia and Companion NFT airdrops, SOL giveaways, and other merchandise.

The Foxtopia Companion NFTs are scheduled to be launched in Q1 2022. Simultaneous holders of both Foxtopia and Companion NFTs within the same clan will be able to participate in collection quests and contests as they work to unlock special prizes and weapons for in-game use.


There’s More!

The team behind Foxtopia has a solid product planned out with several features to be rolled out within a specific timeline.

We ultimately raise the bar by prioritizing our community members. Being a Foxtopia holder comes with benefits such as access to vote on how the funds from our community wallet is being utilized. This will include 10% of our initial mint, and 30% of secondary royalties.

Our very own Foxie token and a full game involving many exciting features are in the pipeline awaiting to be launched. For more information, follow us on our social media channels.

It’s Time

Foxtopia has created perfect synergy between fun and work – a real economic and social balance. Our operation model provides the means for gamers and collectors to thrive financially while doing what they love.

Like every opportunity, the best time to come onboard was yesterday; the next best time is now. Getting in early is essential to maximize the potential the platform brings from an early stage.

Join us, invest with us and let us grow together with you.

Let us welcome you to the family.

Questions? Fret not. Hop onto our discord channel to find out more!