Why Crypto Launchpads Like Trustpad & BoostX Are the Next Big Thing 

Place/Date: - May 16th, 2022 at 3:49 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: BoostX

Most digital currency enthusiasts have heard of the term ‘crypto launchpad’ at some point in the last five years. This is because these platforms make it easy for blockchain projects to raise funds while also giving investors access to early-stage token sales before they go public.

In addition, the cost of launching projects through crypto launchpads has decreased significantly in recent years, resulting in an increase in the number of developers using these platforms.

Furthermore, since most people still remember the 2017 ICO debacle, there has been an increased demand for transparency and security when it comes to fundraising in the digital asset market. To refresh your memory, the ICO bubble resulted in a slew of shady projects raising large sums of money from investors, resulting in widespread public outrage and legal repercussions.

Let’s look into the specifics of these crypto launchpads, and why BoostX offers a refreshing approach to the concept.

Why Crypto Launchpads Like Trustpad & BoostX Are the Next Big Thing 

An Examination of the Rapidly Changing Crypto Launchpad Ecosystem

Since the regulatory landscape surrounding the cryptocurrency market has changed dramatically in recent years – particularly when it comes to the launch of new tokens – an increasing number of people have begun to examine the technological and financial proposition presented by crypto launchpads.

The market is currently undergoing a difficult period, with Bitcoin (BTC) falling to around $23,000, its lowest level in nearly a year.

As a result, it may be intimidating for investors to invest in cryptocurrencies right now – which is why BoostX is such an appealing investment, as it is a secure platform of crypto startups that are primarily in presale, allowing investors to buy the token at the lowest possible price, reducing the risk of loss significantly.

BoostX is a creator launchpad that allows users to participate in multichain DeFi projects. As other launchpads are blockchain-specific, this gives BoostX a distinct advantage.

BoostX is an excellent tool for researching startup projects to invest in because it offers expert information and a wide range of features to its users. A few of the features include curated tokens, one-of-a-kind presales, dynamic dashboards, and high-quality projects.

BoostX provides its users with not only a variety of features, but also a safer way to invest their money.

Trustpad has also made a name for itself in the crypto fundraising world. In essence, Trustpad acts as a decentralised, permissionless launchpad for Initial DEX Offerings (IDO), but it does suffer from functional limitations.

Its use is currently limited to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), despite the fact that it has Ethereum (ETH) integration capabilities, as opposed to BoostX, which operates across multiple blockchains.

Decentralized Fundraising Is the Way of the Future, and Rightly So

With each passing week, it appears as if a wave of new digital currencies are flooding the market, which is why crypto launchpads are becoming increasingly popular. To clarify, these services not only enable projects to raise funds for themselves, but they also provide users with an analytical deep dive into the DeFi projects that have the greatest potential for delivering exponential returns.

To this point, one of the most pressing issues confronting the crypto industry is determining which projects are worth investing in and whether they are truly legitimate and secure.

Launchpads alleviate these specific pain points by performing much of the heavy lifting – such as deep dives into the project’s fundamentals, background checks, and so on – on behalf of investors, curating the best possible deals and options.

As we move forward into a future dominated by crypto-enabled technologies, it will be fascinating to watch how this space develops.

Why Crypto Launchpads Like Trustpad & BoostX Are the Next Big Thing