Win-Win for Webcam Industry as Live Stars Introduce Blockchain Power

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by Andy Watson · 3 min read
Win-Win for Webcam Industry as Live Stars Introduce Blockchain Power
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Safety and security of data is a vitally important thing in this day and age of internet use, however, when it comes to the business of the popular webcam industry, this becomes a key concern for those involved.

Nobody wants to be revealed having such passion and more importantly nobody wants to share personal information and credit card credentials on such platforms. Finally there is a project, which solves such issue by implementing Blockchain technology for the adult video industry.

Most of the webcam services collect such information about its’ users as credit card details, time and history of activities and preferences. Blockchain powered solution allows to do it anonymously.

This service runs through the use of LIVE tokens, which are tokens which are in turn bought with other cryptocurrencies. This leads to more anonymity, but also, the fact that none of the data is stored on the servers thanks to the peer-to-peer streaming connection technology.

The project doesn’t only care about the users’ security but about models’ perks as well. Regularly most of the money received by webcam models are collected by webcam website owners.

Live Stars makes the promise that their models will receive over 70 percent of the incoming revenue for their services, and will be able to monitor it on the Blockchain. This is far more than other competitors who only offer 30 to 50 percent.

There are no payout delays and no minimum payout amount. The scheme is as simple as that: users buy tokens and then pay to the models with this tokens.

Live Stars Token Sale

In a week since opening their token sale Live Token raised over $2 million, but the token sale continues to go strong and will stay live until Valentine’s day, February 14.

The team behind the project currently consists of 5 main specialists with technical background mostly. Live Stars aims to expand the team during the first stages of development. The team plans to present beta-version by the Spring of 2018.

Blockchain technology has been pegged for use in a number of different industries, some needing it more than others. The webcam industry is certainly one of those that need it desperately. This Blockchain solution allows for the much-praised anonymity, it protects the models interests and thus becomes a win-win for both sides.

Having already had success with the first week of their ICO, Live Stars seems to be a functioning project. On their Alpha, there is already evidence of the system in place as scrolling through the main page one can find a number of functioning rooms, with Live girls already active on the platform.

Also, there already looks to be a community, forming in the chat boxes where people are interacting and using the service.

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