Winklevoss Twins Launch Marketplace for Blockchain Digital Art

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Winklevoss Twins Launch Marketplace for Blockchain Digital Art
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Winklevoss twins, founders of the Gemini exchange, have launched a marketplace for blockchain digital art Nifty Gateway Marketplace. The twins are known to be among the earliest investors in Bitcoin.

After making millions through early investment in Bitcoin, the Winklevoss twins, Tyler and Cameron, have now gone a mile further by launching a marketplace for blockchain digital art the Nifty Gateway Marketplace. The platform allows users to buy, sell and also store their digital art collections using the blockchain technology.

The launch was commemorated by art collections from prominent artists: Michael Kegan and Lyle Owerko. Kegan is a legendary space artist who has released five digital paintings which are sold in sets of three or set of ten. The price set for his artwork ranges from $3,000 to $5,000.

Kegan recently had his first solo museum showing at the Virginia Museum of contemporary art. He has also sold three solo exhibitions at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York. His involvement with the new platform will be a big boost to the marketplace.

On the other hand, Owerko is an interdisciplinary artist who studies issues in society. His most prominent work was the Boombox project which encompassed sculptures and photographs. Prices for his artwork ranges from $20 to $2,500. In a phone interview, Owerko said that he has not done anything like that before, which is the motivation to do it now.

In a press statement Nifty said:

“The world of art and collectibles is evolving and leaping on to the blockchain. We are proud to be making history with two well-represented fine artists.”

They added that, up until now, the digital breeding cats from the popular game Crypto Kitties has been the best-known nifties, however, they are looking forward to selling stamps and comic books in the same way. 

Winklevoss Twins and Crypto Market

The Winklevoss twins have been in the crypto industry long to understand how the game is played. By the end of 2019 according to Bloomberg, the twins combined net worth was over $1.45 billion, having risen from $654 million at the beginning of the year.

Despite the vocal confidence in the crypto market, they do not have a background in blockchain tech as they are well known for the 2010 movie ‘The Social Network’. Along the way, the twins through their investment firm Winklevoss Capital have invested in several Bitcoin-related start-ups. Among the notable ones include the BitInstant, WinkDex, which helps users to monitor the average price for Bitcoin in real-time.

Now as the crypto sphere crash due to coronavirus outbreak, the Winklevoss brothers might be evolving with the market to find new fortunes in the market.

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