WIREX Token Sale Live to Verified Users

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WIREX Token Sale Live to Verified Users
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FCA-regulated 21st-century digital payments platform Wirex launched the pre-sale of its WXT token to verified users. Backed by OKEx’s OK Jumpstart, Wirex is set to become the next evolution of payments systems.

Wirex, a digital payments platform for the 21st century, launched the pre-sale of its WXT token this week. Tokens are being offered to verified users before Wirex launches its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). The pre-IEO sale, which has now launched, allows existing customers of Wirex to buy WXT.

It proved so popular initially that Wirex had to delay the launch by 11 days so they could restructure the payment process to make it fairer and to make sure that all of the tokens could not be bought by one or two individuals.

What is Wirex?

Designed to offer its users an alternative to traditional and conventional banking and finance by connecting the traditional ‘old-money’ style ecosystem of banks with a ‘new-money’ digital ecosystem, Wirex is seen as the next evolution of payments systems, and is backed by Malta-based exchange OKEx’s OK Jumpstart program.

Wirex decided to run a pre-sale of its token to regular users of the platform to ensure they benefitted and could get the most out of the platform.

Some of the benefits of buying WXT tokens, include discounts on fees and charges on the platform. This means token holders can avoid things like bank transfer fees, withdrawal fees, fees for using an ATM or for topping up their accounts. WXT holders can also take advantage of Wirex’s ‘Cryptoback’ initiative which allows them to earn crypto for spending money, and earn money back from using their Wirex Visa card.

Plus, later in 2019 WXT holders will be able to benefit from a range of premium features, including a concierge service, airport lounge entry and exclusive offers.

Making Dreams a Reality

Wirex’s token sale has been boosted by OKEx’s OK Jumpstart program, a token sale platform that was developed by the leading cryptocurrency exchange to help quality blockchain projects to grow.

Wirex is the fourth project to be assisted by the exchange. A spokesperson for OK Jumpstart said:

“We’re pleased to have Wirex onboard as our fourth project. They offer an innovative service that is working to change the way people save and spend money. We developed OK Jumpstart as a way to give great projects exposure and access to a global market, in order to help them to flourish.

We’re looking forward to seeing what Wirex can do in the months and years ahead.”

Based out of the UK, Wirex is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and has been developed to bring a 21st-century payments system to a generation that’s grown up on the internet.

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