Withdraw Rapidly and Place Bets in One Click with Sportsbet.io

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Withdraw Rapidly and Place Bets in One Click with Sportsbet.io
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Sportsbet.io’s new site allows for rapid withdrawals and one-click betting, additionally giving its users a chance to win up to m฿ 100 throughout the running promotional period.

In recent years technology has revolutionised the way customers are able to interact with online sports books. The global gross gaming/gambling yield amounts to more than 400 billion U.S. dollars each year (Statasia).

The industry is made up of multiple segments, however, the fastest growing is the online/interactive category, which has grown at a consistent rate over the last few years from 20 billion dollars in 2009, to 40 billion dollars in 2016.

Many highstreet sportsbook companies such as William Hill and Ladbrokes have made the move into online and it’s not hard to see why with statistics like these. A recent survey conducted by Statista showed more than 50% of 18 year olds and above have used an online sports book to place a bet at least once in their lives. With the traction that many forms of cryptocurrency are gaining, especially bitcoin, the foundations of online gaming are changing.

Usage of cryptocurrencies allows the end user to gamble completely anonymously without having the need to firstly create an account, and produce documents. He can make one click bets and withdrawals repidly, however, this all depends on the platform. A platform that introduces revolutionary new features like this is Sportsbet.io, the leading bitcoin-led sportsbooks operated by the coingaming group.

The SportsBet Platform

Sportsbet.io’s new site have been developed to the highest standard via working with industry leaders in UI/UX to provide up-to-date design as well as fulfillment of the requirements. Sportsbet.io values customer feedback as a high priority to ensure that they offer a premium service to all mobile led users with a large focus on being fair, fun and fast.

This new development has allowed Sportsbet.io to offer the same quality across all channels that users may be using.  Listening to customer feedback, they have implemented what users really want on their site – rapid withdrawal (in under 1.5 minutes) and one-click betting. This increases Customer satisfaction and consumer trust. By coupling this with intuitive navigation across all channels, Sportsbet.io allows for fast access to sports anytime anywhere and from any device.

To further solidify their position as the industry leader, a new service includes a live streaming provision from leading supplies, such as thunderkick and NetEnt that boast a total of 1400 games. The final revolutionary option adopted by Sportsbet.io is long awaited possibility to place bets in not only bitcoin but ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Ripple and Litecoin as well. This encapsulates a new audience and ensures ease of use for any end user of their site.

Joe McCallum, Director of Sportsbook at the Coingaming Group, said:

“Sportsbet.io has performed beyond expectations since its launch in 2016, and introducing this revolutionary new product so soon after the first is yet more proof of our commitment to putting the customer at the centre of our universe.

We have streamlined the site considerably, with significant investment in the user experience and design of a functional and personalised service, which we believe has raised the bar for the sportsbook experience, in keeping with our fun, fast & fair mantra.”

In order to usher in a new era in cryptocurrency sports betting, Sportsbet.io will be running a promotional event called boost bonanza, in which price boosts will be available for 10 days from relaunch. Each unique player will have the chance to win up to m฿ 100 throughout this promotional period.

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