Upcoming WWDC22 Sparks Apple NFT Trading Cards Rumors

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Upcoming WWDC22 Sparks Apple NFT Trading Cards Rumors
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Many in the NFT community believe that Apple may have trading cards on the way.

Rumors of Apple NFT Trading cards have hit the news waves. The rumors started after MacRumours discovered that clicking the Memoji characters unveils an augmented reality mode and three trading card characters.

Recall that Memoji characters have recently been a part of Apple’s consumer branding strategy. Because of their cultural affiliations, they’ve been central to Apple’s marketing. The cards are expected to be available for collection as Web2 elements in the upcoming 2022 WWDC.

Naturally, this is not enough to spark Apple NFT rumors. However, the cards bear an uncanny similarity to avatars of RTFKT Studios’ CloneX and animated cards of Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends Series 2. This has given rise to speculation within the NFT community about the future possibilities of an Apple NFT.

Also, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, earlier expressed optimism about the mainstream adoption of augmented reality. Likewise, he revealed the company’s intention to invest in the metaverse, causing apple stocks to jump higher. Taken together, many in the NFT community believe that Apple may have NFT trading cards on the way. However, they will have to wait to see how that shapes up.

What to Expect at the Apple WWDC?

Instead of NFT trading cards, Apple will showcase its plans for four devices and software models: iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey and watchOS 8. Initially, the company also planned to release the Apple mixed-reality headset at the 33rd edition of the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

The mixed-headset runs on the RealityOS proprietary software and Apple recently applied for a trademark license for the software. However, technical hitches during development have delayed the gadget’s release.

Why the Rave about Apple NFT Trading Cards?

Trading cards have been around for some time but NFT trading cards are like the new kids on the block. Like live trading cards, the value of NFT trading cards depends on their rarity, utility, and certification. They can be collected either to show off or sell off as it appreciates.

These cards have given rise to a new category of digital games called NFT trading card games. Were Apple to unveil an actual NFT trading card, the community may very well expect that games set in the augmented reality world may soon follow.

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