Ripple’s XRP Integration Boosts Shopping at Uquid Digital Shop

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Ripple’s XRP Integration Boosts Shopping at Uquid Digital Shop
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Uquid Digital said that XRP integration has encouraged more customers to confidently opt for international transactions. The recently launched online digital marketplace praised the XRP infrastructure for its instant transactions and scalability features.

Uquid Digital, the online digital marketplace has gone out all praises for Ripple‘s XRP cryptocurrency. The company has said that the adoption of Ripple’s XRP token has made shopping more easier and convenient for its users.

Uquid Digital also added that the key feature of Ripple’s XRP is that it enables stable transactions for just under 4 seconds. The Uquid Digital online marketplace went live at the end of May 2020. The online shop allows all XRP fans to purchase across 30,000 products at a 70% discounted price.

Also, during the launch, Uquid Digital claimed itself as the world’s largest digital shop for crypto users. Apart from gift cards and coupons, the online store offers games like Xbox, Rockstar, Steam, PlayStore, etc. Besides, it also offers a wide shopping range like clothing, food, travel, music, shoes, and much more. If not enough, users can also pay their utility bills like internet bill or telephone bill. Thus, the online marketplace ensures everything under one umbrella.

Benefits of Ripple’s XRP Integration for Uquid

Uquid said that integration with Ripple’s XRP has helped the company expand its customer base rapidly. The online shop notes that customers who did not use international transactions previously are now using their services freely. Moreover, Uquid adds that the primary reason to choose XRP was of its decentralized nature.

The decentralized cryptocurrency powered by blockchain ensures absolute transparency without any third-party intermediary. In the official blog post, Uquid noted:

Too often, global payments are costly, unreliable, and slow. The underlying systems are fragmented and complex. RippleNet offers the most advanced blockchain technology for global payments — making it easy for financial institutions to reach a trusted, growing network of 300+ providers across 40+ countries and six continents.

Uquid also highlighted the additional benefits of using XRP. For example, the XRP ledger can continuously process 1500 transactions every second. This provides flexibility for any platform to scale further without worrying about the transaction infrastructure. The XRP ledger can also be scaled to achieve the same throughput that payment giant Visa offers.

Speaking about the stability of the XRP ledger, Uquid states: “XRP’s seven-year track record of stable technology and governance makes it ready for use by institutions and corporations.”

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