Zawadi Announces Cooperation with Eventbrite Powered by Matic

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Zawadi Announces Cooperation with Eventbrite Powered by Matic
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Thanks to the cooperation between Zawadi and Eventbrite, event organizers will have a safer and faster way to deliver tokenized tickets to buyers.

A mobile ticket delivery platform Zawadi announced its integration with the U.S. event management and ticketing website Eventbrite. The integration means event managers who are using Eventbrite can now give out tokenized tickets to their participants through social messaging apps as are WhatsApp, Facebook‘s Messenger, and Line Messenger.

As per their announcement, this is a much safer and more convenient way of delivering tickets and it is also easy to set it up.

Zawadi is a mobile ticket delivery platform that develops tools that enable ticket sellers and event organizers to deliver fraud-proof mobile tickets to their fans via social messaging. Pdf e-tickets are intrinsically damaged and Zawadi’s mission is to initiate the transition to a new standard (tokenized tickets) without making a compromise on user experience.

Working Together with Matic Network

From Zawadi, they said they have been working together with the Matic Network team during the last two months in order to make a tokenized mobile ticket delivery system that can be integrated with some of the most popular ticketing platforms in the world. This integration with Eventbrite offers them admission to 900,000 event managers who are dealing with more than 4 million events per year.

Zawadi is already working on Beta-mainnet and the plan is for it to change to full mainnet once when it’s launched. The scalability of the Matic Network will allow Zawadi to deal with much bigger volumes of ticket sales. That will also bring a much bigger network of users and their demands.

Make It Impossible for Scammers

Once the participant buys an Eventbrite ticket from an organizer using Zawadi, an NFT with the ticket details is minted on Matic Network and it comes to the buyer’s WhatsApp, Line Messenger or FB Messenger account (all chatbots have an in-built Matic wallet).

After the purchase, tickets can be moved on-chain on the secondary market with the receiver being assured that the tickets are original and that there is no copy of it. This removes all eventual circumstances where scammers would sell fake tickets or resell a single ticket multiple times.

By utilizing Biconomy’s relayer infrastructure for peer to peer ticket transfers, Zawadi’s platform detaches blockchain complications. That also means there is no gas fees, user signing transactions, and private key management. Ticket transfers become as simple as sending a message or a photo.

Win Matic Tokens

From Zawadi, they offer their users to test out our Eventbrite integration by themselves. They are also offering a possibility for users to win Matic tokens. 20 lucky winners will win $10 in Matic each.

To participate, it is necessary to follow Zawadi on Twitter and to buy the first tokenized Eventbrite ticket, entering some contact details like Twitter username and WhatsApp number.

Post beta, Zawadi’s plan is to become accessible on the Eventbrite App Marketplace in a way that it allows event creators to simply connect with Zawadi’s platform, just with a click of a button.

Zawadi said it is planning to launch its application on some extra major ticketing platforms. The first one is the Universe in the second quarter of 2020. From Zawadi, they announced that event creator will soon be able to reward their attendees with custom tokens (on Matic) that will be amendable for merchandise, upgrades, food, discounts, etc.

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