With $14.6 Million Already Raised, Nauticus Launches Beta of Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange

May 7th, 2018 at 9:04 pm UTC · 3 min read

Nauticus Exchange will make buying Bitcoin – or any one of 100 other altcoins – as easy as ordering a pizza.

Newcomers to crypto are often intimidated by a bafflingly complex world of hard-to-use exchanges, ‘hot and cold wallets’ and ‘addresses’ comprised of seemingly random strings of numbers. Worse, if they make one wrong step they can lose all their money forever.

That’s why newbies turn to retailers and brokers like CoinBase in the US and CoinSpot in Australia.

These sites make buying crypto as easy as possible – but consumers pay through the nose for the privilege. CoinSpot’s transaction fee alone is up to 10 times higher than the average exchange rate, and CoinBase charges an additional 50 percent more than that in ‘payment’ fees.

Newcomers also pay a high exchange rate. On April 25 a Bitcoin cost USD$43 more on CoinBase than on Binance while CoinSpot’s price was AUD$46 higher than on Aussie exchange BTC Markets.

That opens up a huge opportunity for an exchange that offers the ease of use of a retail or broker site but with just 0.1 percent fees and low market exchange rates.

Enter Nauticus Exchange

The advanced interface, aimed at sophisticated traders has just been released for beta testing, but it’s Nauticus Exchange’s simplified user interface that’s been generating all the interest.

It’s designed to make buying Bitcoin as easy as buying a pizza, and guides users through the process every step of the way. If a tech-phobic mum or grandpa wants to buy crypto, they’ll be able to do so on Nauticus Exchange.

The exchange will offer 100 crypto and seven fiat currencies (CNY, USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD and ZAR). That will make it a one stop shop for everyone’s crypto and fiat needs.

The Nauticus mobile wallet and exchange is about to be launched on the Android and iOS app stores. It offers basic and advanced modes, and enables users to trade and store crypto and fiat. A payments facility is coming soon.

Exchanges are already a license to print money. The top ten exchanges generate $3 million a day in fees, and 100,000 new users a day are signing up. Demand is so high, that Binance has had to severely curtail the number of sign ups this year because it can’t keep up with requests.

Exchange coins have all increased in value. KuCoin Shares increased 2738 percent to its all time high. The Huobi token increased 64 percent in a couple of months, and the Binance Coin (BNB) increased more than 22,000 percent.

Like BNB, the Nauticus Coin also offers users a 50 percent reduction in trading fees. It’s available to purchase at around 10c USD during the three remaining weeks of the ICO.

$14.6 million has already been raised in the successful ICO, putting it close to matching the Binance ICO last year, which raised $15 million.

Don’t miss the chance to get in on the ground floor of the world’s best new exchange.

New users receive 100 free coins, and can access 200 more for completing a user survey to help us refine our exchange offering.

The Nauticus Exchange token sale ends on May 18.



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