Nauticus Offers 35% Discount for Early Investors During the Pre-sale Stage

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read

Melbourne fintech company Nauticus is currently running TGE, allegedly the biggest one Australia, with 35% discount for early contributors.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are considered a crucial part of the decentralized economy, as their development means a more wider market penetration for the cryptocurrencies themselves. However, there is something exchanges need to work on – trading fees reduction and global outreach, since many of them are still restricted to a number of countries. Coinbase is more popular in the West, Binance in Asian markets and so on. The world needs some truly global cryptocurrency exchange, and this is the area where a lot of improvements are expected in the near future.

Australia-based Nauticus crypto exchange is undergoing a crowdfunding campaign right now with generous discounts available for early birds. The exchange is offering a new coin called the Nauticus coin that is styled around the Binance coin (BNB). The exchange hopes to solve many of the problems associated with contemporary cryptocurrency exchanges including reduced fees, wider range of fiat trading pairs and international acceptance.

Being based on the coin which helped the Binance coin’s price skyrocket in recent times before the eventual hack, the Nauticus exchange is offering a basic 50% reduction of trading fees. The Nauticus exchange has a long-term plan of capturing the market and is already top-rated by such token rating platforms as Gold rating from Top ICO ListTrudex and ICO Marks. All of these assessments demonstrate the solid work that the Nauticus team has done behind the scenes to make the platform a stellar choice for crowdfunding.

The Nauticus platform already boasts over 120,000 users registered on the website in a matter of three weeks alone and millions of dollars raised in a matter of days. The platform is currently raising money through the token generation event (TGE) aiming to launch an international governmentally approved cryptocurrency exchange with over 100 listed cryptocurrencies and six fiat trading pairs, making things practical and exciting.

There is also a proposed development of a green Blockchain mine to give vital server capacity and generate more revenue as well. The TGE is officially approved by the Australian government as an independent remittance dealer. For this to happen, the exchange had to comply with all the necessary Know-your-customer (KYC) protocols, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws and counter-terrorism financing laws.

Nauticus is also engaging one of the best auditing firms to ensure a transparent system is in place to utilize crowdsale funds raised from the public in a professional manner. The company has featured in all major news outlets including CoinTelegraph, The Merkle, Coinspeaker, and as its token generation gathers steam and makes new records.

The Nauticus TGE is to become the biggest event to ever take place in Australia. It is set to take place from 18 March, 2018, to 18 May, 2018. More than 2.5 billion NTS tokens will be available, and the hard cap is set at $88 million with each NTS token costing 0.01mbtc. Up to 35% discount is being offered to early investors during the stage of pre-sale.

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