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A Colourful Delight of Art Takes over Blockchain Conference

September 10th, 2018 at 8:49 am UTC · 3 min read

A Colourful Delight of Art Takes over Blockchain Conference
Photo: Futurama Blockchain Innovators / Instagram

Nowadays everyone can enjoy the excellent works of art not only at various exhibitions and in museums, and the upcoming Crypto G20 analogue is proof of that. The conference will raise art to a new level, making it extremely technological and futuristic: an auction of paintings will be held within the Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit. One of the brightest authors of such paintings is Nanu Berks,  who has created a new spin of Art called decentralArt.

Nanu will showcase her popular crypto based Art in an Auction in the Futurama event and will speak on stage talking about her Blockchain Art Movement Initiative. Like the rest of us, she believes in the decentralisation of power and redistribution of wealth and resources.

With Blockchain technology helping in the freedom of expression, compassion, innovation and technological advancements, there is more to look forward to in the industry. She will explore the endless opportunity that Art has in connection with Blockchain, and the spirituality that lies beneath.

A Colourful Delight of Art Takes over Blockchain Conference

Nanu Berks:

“Art is the soul language of all movements. I’m here to decentralArt.”

Every artwork that will be presented within the summit tells a story of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Whether it is Blockchain’s emergence, or the adaptation of Bitcoin they all personify the future of technology.

The painting above called the FMBB (“The Feminine Male Side of the Blockchain Balance”) Piece has travelled the world creating conversations among different languages. It is composed of recycled materials from wood that was found to spray paints leftover in the city of Austin.

The painting has been featured in New York City’s Cryptohou.se during the Blockchain week 2018 and in Los Angeles for the LA Dreams Expo. If you turn the painting to the other side, it reflects another spectacular art piece.

The two sided art piece will be auctioned at Futurama Blockchain Event, with 60% of the proceedings being donated to reforestation or wildlife efforts. Nanu gives a chance of sneak peeking into the painting, so that people can take photos of it before it is bought by the respective art lover.

Attendees of the conference will also partake in Tech savvy paintings, by free flowing onto a light background. Once the art is creatively designed it is turned to t-shirts and cards which the attendees can take back as a memory similar to Blockchain’s recollection of data thanks to transparency.

Besides art speakers, around 300 decision makers, among who are Brock Pierce, founders of Exchanges (EXMO, Golix, BitInka, Bithumb, Coinsbank), investors, such as Roger Ver, and expert cryptocurrency legal counsellors, are expected to take the opportunity to network, analyze and debate the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency industry trends.

For this retreat the agenda will emphasize on the cyber-security of the crypto exchanges and the hacking in the industry’s assets, the process of ICO listing, while featuring regulatory authorities willing to attract crypto-capital and framework for the operations of crypto exchanges.

Most popular personalities in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency will colour Futurama Blockchain Summit in a way never imagined. They will take you on an adventure with insights into the different social experiments carried out. From a mix of crypto and colour which is a spiritual feeling by itself to debates and insights into the next wave of Blockchain events and Cryptocurrency revolution.


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