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AAPL Stock Jumped 2.85%, Apple Works on New HomePod, Apple TV, iMac Despite COVID-19

UTC by Christopher Hamman · 3 min read
AAPL Stock Jumped 2.85%, Apple Works on New HomePod, Apple TV, iMac Despite COVID-19
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Apple is going to bring new devices to consumers this year despite the coronavirus outbreak. The technology giant is using remote collaborations to achieve its goal of getting out new products before the end of the year. AAPL stock is up.

Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) is expected to continue its new product development as planned. The Cupertino California technology giant will continue the development via remote collaboration.

Expectedly, certain activities must be done onsite. Hardware tests fit into this category. Sources say that Apple intends to introduce quite a few devices this year. The truth is that they might just make the timeline

Apple (AAPL) stock has reacted positively to the reports. AAPL stock price was at $254.81, +7.07 (2.85%) yesterday. And today in the pre-market, it is up again. AAPL is trading at $258.35, +3.54 (1.39%).

New Products of Apple to Include HomePod

New HomePod should debut this year. This comes as competitors (Google and Amazon) seem to be getting away with the market. The introduction of a HomePod will create a new paradigm for Apple.

It will be a welcome addition to the Apple ecosystem. And it will allow for the “music while you do anything” kind of experience that other competitors are offering.

Sources say that Apple is working on a few new gadgets in the budget category as well. These include new budget iMacs, iPhones, watches, and iPads. Apple TV is also reportedly being worked on as well. The technology giant intends to create affordable product lines to start competing favorably.

Other smartphone makers are in intense competition with themselves for the affordable end of the retail market. Apple wants its share of the pie. The introduction of affordable smartphones will work well for Apple who has a brand name worth billions.

Other devices on the retail end will also compete quite favorably. There are many people out there who want to buy Apple products but can’t do so due to its price tag. This new line will produce a new league of Apple die-hards as Apple will enter the lower end of the retail consumer space as well.

Apple TV also puts the technology giant on a new path. As a digital content aggregator, the streaming service will allow Apple to compete favorably due to its loyal fanbase.

The main issue for Apple and other technology companies in its league will be the issue of secrecy. Remote collaborations have issues of leaks occurring and attacks on systems by the bad guys. Apple has recently had one such incident ( the iOS 14 leak).

Working from Home to Become a New Trend

Working from home isn’t as exciting as getting into the corporate environment for many. As such, Apple also recently organized a competition for employees. They were recently required to share their workspace (without any confidential material of course). These kinds of collaborations will not go away after COVID-19 has left the scene.

Services such as Slack, Jabber, Facetime, and others are facing a boom as lockdown instructions continue across the globe. They also flatten the curve for startups seeking to scale their human resources.

We might also be seeing Apple want to have a piece of this pie (going by the company’s highly innovative and competitive approach to business).

For now, though, Apple will survive the COVID-19 situation in a practical manner: by innovating!

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