Ad-blocking Browser Brave Launches Trial Program Rewarding Users for Opting-in to Ads

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Ad-blocking Browser Brave Launches Trial Program Rewarding Users for Opting-in to Ads
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Brave browser announced a trial ads program that will give users a chance to earn BAT tokens for viewing targeted advertisements.

Brave, the web browser that is headed by Javascript creator and Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich, is said to reach a new milestone on its way to achieving its main goal and is launching its trial program. The browser is aimed at utilizing blockchain technology to address advertising that is viewed by many people as the main disaster of the nowadays’ internet.

Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) platform includes a new consent-based digital advertising model that will bring significant benefits to users, publishers, and advertisers. Thanks to elimination of unwanted ads, users will get increased browsing speed.

Moreover, reducing the risk of privacy violations and fraud BAT will ensure a more secure and reliable online environment for all the involved parties. “The user deserves a share because their attention is being used up a little bit by ads. We’re working on better advertising that is truly private,” believes Brendan Eich.

The first phase of the project realization started last autumn when BAT was integrated into Brave Payments and users got an opportunity to distribute their anonymous contributions to their favorite publishers and site creators.

But not only publishers can be rewarded. BAT has a very interesting feature for its users. They will get a reward for their engagement that will be measured by the views of content and ads in real time.

“The BAT is the token for remonetizing the user’s attention, including the user in a fair play system,” explained Eich. “That (BAT) is what denominates attention in the sense of user engagement in a way that is not likely to be abused and rewards the users.” Users will opt in to participate in the system.

In its official announcement, the Brave team has informed that before proceeding to further user trials they are now ready to hold voluntary testing of their ad model. Once the team considers the results good enough, they will proceed to the next stage.

Brave ads will be shown directly in the browser but only in private channels to those users who have given their consent to see them. When the Brave ad system is fully implemented and becomes available for a wide audience, users will receive 70 percent of the gross ad revenue.

The company has the following plans. In June they are planning to hold opt-in tests with a select group of users with a view to analyze the users experience. These users will have a special version of the Brave browser loaded with 250 pre-packaged ads. This special version of the browser will be used only in the framework of a testing procedure and users will be able to quit the rest and use a regular version of the browser.

Then the team will engage a larger set of users with a view to understand their behavior during interaction with the browser. The obtained results will help to strengthen the existing model and the ways how data is classified.

And in a few months, it is planned to launch expanded user trials and to focus attention on the impact of rewards in this system. At this stage, thousands of ads will be included and users will have a chance to get tokens for viewing and interacting with ads.

Many internet users suppose that Brave tries to bring healthy changes. Nevertheless, the main question is how to make people start using Brave browser.

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