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Following Successful ICO Aeron Releases Blockchain-based Pilot Log App

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read
Following Successful ICO Aeron Releases Blockchain-based Pilot Log App
Photo: Aeron

Releasing its Pilot Log App in Google Play and Apple’s App Store, Blockchain-based startup Aeron has achieved its objective – creation of a decentralized aviation record system focused on flight safety.

Recently there have been a spate of undelivered promises by many Blockchain projects, so it should be of interest when one pops up that is staying on track with its release schedule. Aeron has been making steady progress after its token sale takeoff last year, and is going full throttle with the rollout of its full roadmap. Let’s look at the Aeron value proposition and how the project is unfolding.

Oversight in Aviation

Despite the publicity around aviation accidents and the importance of regulatory transparency regarding pilot experience, the industry still relies on unwieldy paper logbooks that are not fit for purpose in the digital age. At best, these logbooks are stored in legacy databases and are difficult to trust, to communicate and validate.

Most tech issues involving transparency can be improved with the use of decentralized ledger technology as has been evident in many other industries. Aeron are doing the same for pilots, allowing them to prove that they have the right amount and kind of experience in-flight. This is achieved using a mobile app to log their flights on a blockchain that can be easily queried by other stakeholders while also protecting the privacy of the pilots at the same time.

The company’s press release reads:

“One of the main verification methods used by the aviation authorities for issuing licenses and ratings to individual pilots (as well as checking their validity) is the pilot manual log book, a paper folio. Such a book is a recording of flight hours and other relevant information. This is the only document which is supposed to directly evidence the pilot’s experience.”

Keeping this data on the blockchain is a no-brainer, and Aeron have taken this idea through a token sale, then a development phase, and now into partnerships.

Ease of Use

One of the key components of tech adoption that is missing from most blockchain projects is a tangible, working product. Most, that do have a working product, do not actually have anything that the average person will ever touch. Aeron, however, have recently released both iOS and Android apps which are ready-for-use. Furthermore, their partnership with AeroTrips already allows users to use the technology when booking flight lessons or test flights.

Exchange Takeoffs

The team have also successfully navigated getting onto one of the most significant cryptocurrency exchanges – Binance, being also available on some other ones. Since their token sale, the ARN token has increased in value by multiples, but it’s low total supply could signal a good prospective investment as they roll out the rest of their offerings as per their roadmap.

The Aeron team believes that their successful track record with roadmap targets will speak for itself as they negotiate with potential partners, and also show token buyers their dedication to strategy. With a working product, apps released, and partnerships on the way, the team are hoping to build on the momentum into Q2 of this year.

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