Aeron Teams Up with Binance to List ARN Tokens After Crowdsale in November

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Aeron Teams Up with Binance to List ARN Tokens After Crowdsale in November
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In an interview with Coinspeaker Aeron CEO Artem Orange reveals listing plans and talks flight safety and beyond.

Aeron, an aviation centered project are currently having their crowdsale. Safety of the skies is the priority for them and they will be harnessing the power of blockchain and smart contracts to devise solutions to improve aviation safety, usher in transparency and create solutions for all the stakeholders in aviation sector from travellers, pilots to airlines and others.

In a recent announcement, Aeron have disclosed that they have entered into a partnership with Binance, a leading exchange to facilitate listing of their Aeron (ARN) tokens after the crowdsale is over. We talked with Artem Orange, CEO of Aeron about their new partnership as well as other issues surrounding Aeron and the Aviation industry.

Listing of Aeron (ARN) Tokens on Binance in November

In a press release made available to Coinspeaker, Artem Orange, CEO of Aeron states, “Since the successful launch of our token pre sale earlier this August, our team has received hundreds of inquiries from users regarding our plans for listing of the ARN token at the crypto currency exchanges.”

He adds, “We are excited to partner with Binance to announce the agreement to enable Aeron users to trade the ARN token conveniently and securely. Binance is one of the most advanced digital asset exchanges and we believe our users will benefit from access to its excellent trading engine ARN tokens would be distributed to the investors after the crowdsale is over.”

In response to our question about their partnership with Binance and if they were considering other exchanges for listing, Artem reveals, “The listing would be done after the token distribution event takes place in late October. The tokens will be freely transferable without any lock-up and listing procedure at Binance should be completed in the beginning of November. We are in talks with HitBTC and a couple of other major exchanges and will announce agreements upon approval from the respective exchanges.”

Investors Can Participate in Aeron Crowdsale to Get ARN Tokens

After successfully conducting a pre sale that raised over US$ 1 million, Aeron is launching a crowdsale that will help them build their platform and also develop the necessary technology. The proceeds from the crowdsale will also help boost lobbying efforts and liaison with governments and aviation authorities. In the ongoing crowdsale, 60% of the total 100 million Aeron (ARN) tokens would be available for investors.

These tokens are ERC20 compliant. The last date of the crowdsale is October 23, 2017 and investors can purchase ARN tokens for US$ 0.50 each. Early investors stand to benefit from a bonus, which they can receive by visiting the Aeron website.  

Transparency Can Create a Better Flying Experience

A project the scale of Aeron can have many priorities but it is always interesting to see where they are going to start. We asked them about that one big challenge they would like to tackle, in response Artem says, “We would like to enable a system where a pilot can maintain a transparent and verifiable record of the flying experience. This starts from the flight school and develops towards a private pilot license and further a commercial license, and appropriate renewals and hour building, with Aeron applications available to log the hours. Apart from bringing convenience to the pilot and the flight school management, we would not like to see the horrific cases of pilots taking the wheel without experience, as you can read in media such cases are frequent and recurring.”

License to Kill in the Skies?

While transparency and the ability to verify credentials is important, it assumes the shape of even more pressing problems when the lack of the same puts people in danger. There have been instances of pilots forging their qualifications and even the case of a person who flew thousands of passengers before he was found out to be a fake pilot.

The whole process of forged licenses can leave a bad taste in the mouth. It can be a great reassurance to members of the public if they can find out if they are being flown by an experienced pilot.

Artem tells us how they intend to do that: “What happens in general aviation is that a pilot has to report a certain flying experience for the license renewal, a number of hours flown within a period of time. As its an expensive endeavour and not every pilot owns a small aircraft, there is an incentive to log the hours not actually flown.”

He continued: “With paper log books this does not take much effort. Further with career progression, to become a commercial pilot one has to report a significant number of hours (typically 200 hours or more), which is a large investment by any measures (typically in excess of $50,000). We would like to see that hours to be really flown, by offering incentives to a pilot and a flight school to use Aeron applications for logging. General public can access qualified offers from flight schools signed up with Aeron through our portal

Aeron Can Save Lives with Technology

On their website Aeron promotes blockchain for aviation safety and proclaims that they are saving people’s lives. They are trying to implement ingenious and out of the box solutions, which can transform general aviation in the near future. The tools are all here with us today and it only required someone to get their act together.

Aeron is playing that role. Artem says about the change that is coming to the skies: “We believe that all private pilots will turn to blockchain technology to log the flights and paper documents will gradually disappear. The electronic register of flights and routes for general aviation will be introduced and the same will be confirmed by local authorities in every area.

“General (private) aviation may have a faster pace to adopt electronic logging in a distributed database and related smartphone applications, compared to commercial aviation, as there are many enthusiasts amongst the private pilots, there is more flexibility and less regulation,” he added.

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