Earthmeta Earthmeta Aviation Services Will be Payable Through Aeron’s Native ARN Token

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read Aviation Services Will be Payable Through Aeron’s Native ARN Token
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Aeron collaborates with to integrated its native ARN token as a payment instrument on a famous online portal and aggregator for aviation.

Blockchain startup for aviation safety, Aeron, has successfully integrated its native ARN token as a payment instrument on the marketplace. The blockchain token payments are planned to be available at the end of June 2018.

ARN token will unlock a wide range of aviation services on, such as aircraft rental for pleasure or business, flight courses, and other exciting flights offers in the global market secured by a tamper-proof technology.

Aeron CEO, Artem Orange, made the proud public announcement:

“We are proud to announce that we will integrate the ARN token to be the payment method of choice for We are all excited for the future of Aeron, we believe putting the passengers safety first, a vital part of our company beliefs. The development team are hard at work finishing off the decentralized storage portal next. We are on track at what looks to be a very successful year, and I would like to say thank you to everyone that has and continues to support Aeron.”

The Aviation industry is a growing market connecting people worldwide and giving people freedom to be almost anywhere in just 24 hours, due to high transportation speed. Almost 40% of the world’s population are utilizing aviation platform, which is already estimated at $2.5 trillion in 2017. These numbers prove the significance and stability of aviation market in today’s fast moving world.

However, the industry still faces lots of challenges and issues, that don’t seem to be solved any time soon. Among the main problems are: shortage of good, qualified pilots, flight log forgery, outdated system, not to mention many other issues that affect the safety of aviation. Also, air transport related accidents are a growing concern, demanding urgency in finding solutions.

Aeron solution is delivered by leveraging the latent power of blockchain technology, solving prevalent problems in the industry, such as forgery and modification, aircraft under reporting and flight school management. The solution will provide more credibility for the industry, transparency and security, in this way decreasing the risk of air related accidents.

Aeron solutions are currently set for global adoption with the recent release of its mobile app on aviation marketplace, Google Play and Apple App Store. The pilot app is designed to place solutions at users’ fingertips, enabling professionals and ordinary users to gain access to trustful information and credible records through

The Aeron team of aviation professionals and seasoned specialists have built the application for a hassle-free storage of up-to-date records for pilots licenses, whether expired or pending. Pilot can submit reports and records, in addition to logging general aviation information. With Aeron, all data for pilots and aircraft operators will be in total security, and Air Traffic Control (ATC) for proper documentation will also be provided.

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