After the Listing on UNISWAP, Sensitrust Rewards Liquidity Providers through

Place/Date: Brentford, United Kingdom - March 5th, 2021 at 9:30 am UTC · 2 min read
Source: Sensitrust

After the Listing on UNISWAP, Sensitrust Rewards Liquidity Providers through

The token of Sensitrust LTD, a startup based in the UK, has been listed on UNISWAP. Sensitrust has launched a Geyser to reward tokens to liquidity providers. In accordance with being listed on UNISWAP, a decentralized exchange, Sensitrust has adopted as an independent supplier of SETS tokens. The Geyser provides the SETS token to the liquidity providers in an amount that is proportional to the liquidity they provide in UNISWAP.

Specifically, rewards in the Geyser are based on the share seconds system. The number of tokens that will be rewarded depends on the amount of time a user stakes and on the staked amount, hence, Rewards = Amount Staked x Staking Time.

The utility token that Sensitrust owns is called SETS. The SETS tokens can be used to purchase services from Sensitrust at a discounted rate. Some of the facilities that can be accessed by SETS owners are more skilled professionals, more employment opportunities, advertising opportunities, advanced platform consultant, based on both AI and human experts, stronger guarantees on products and services, access to in-platform training material and Membership Subscriptions (all-inclusive packages).

About Sensitrust

Sensitrust describes itself as “The next-generation job marketplace supported by AI and Blockchain Technologies”. It is a company that uses the latest technology as a platform to organize the business needs of various clients.  Sensitrust will help businesses to stay connected, tighten their network, sign new deals, organize, direct and design new projects. All these activities will be performed remotely and with the support of the Blockchain, to ensure transparency and immutability.

Sensitrust will support three main scenarios on its platform, namely the possibility to hire professionals from a list, the participation in an activity as a professional and the so-called Call-to-Action.