AI And Robotics Startup Aitheon Contacts Global Firms on Incorporating Its Services

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AI And Robotics Startup Aitheon Contacts Global Firms on Incorporating Its Services
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Aitheon, an Estonian-based Blockchain startup, holds talks with major market heavyweights on integrating its platform in their business models.

Once a domain of science fiction, robots have always been depicted as humanoid mechanical constructs that operate at a much better efficiency than us, humans. In modern times, we know that robots are not bipedal and human looking. They come in all varieties of shapes and sizes. The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into everyday life goes very quickly, so that people sometimes even do not realize their day-to-day interaction with robots.

Aitheon is an Estonian-based Blockchain startup aiming to revolutionize the currently existing business model, which is laden with complicated and time-consuming back-end processes, by integrating  AI and robotics in a user-friendly way. As a result, businesses will become automated in a single platform facilitating the mundane tasks and services.

The benefits of moving towards automation through robotics and AI for organizations can’t be overestimated. First of all, automation eliminates the emloyee factor, as robots never ask for raises. Moreover, with cut-throat competition on the rise in every industry, fast and efficient robots and AI software packages are the need of the hour.

In comparison to humans, robots can execute repetitive tasks with more accuracy and higher speed, while AI can make better decisions in a shorter time. This means that work can be done faster, consuming less resources. Leveraging physical and digital robotics, AI and human interactive employees, Aitheon will design a decentralized platform that offers efficient, reliable, productive and skilled workforce for all industries.

In its effort to ensure that industrial powerhouses realize the potential of their services, the Estonian platform is conducting negotiations with major market heavyweights on integrating their platform in their business models:

The company holds meetings with SAP, the top business software solutions provider, in order to discuss partnership and sharing information between the two platforms for any future collaboration.

Senior executives of the World Bank have also been briefed on the benefits of using Aitheon token as a method of payments.

A meeting with Microsoft is planned at Microsoft Technology Centre in Dubai for connecting Aitheon and Microsoft’s back office solutions.

IL&FS, the world’s largest infrastructure and finance company working in Asia, Middle East, and Europe, has met with the Aitheon team to discuss joint services of automated robotic material handling and storage facilities for clients.

Next Future Transport, a California transport company pioneering in autonomous transportation, has been contacted to allow Aitheon’s human command and control over autonomous vehicles.

Together with Decibel.LIVE, a Blockchain-based IoT sensor data company collecting noise volumetrics and allowing affected parties to be compensated through smart contracts, Aitheon is going to integrate incompatible devices through the AI software packages.

Aitheon’s world tour is a step in the right direction to help organizations and firms reduce their expenses, increase efficiencies and become overall smarter.

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