AICoin Launches Today Heralding the Next Generation of Innovation in ICO’s

Place/Date: Singapore - July 20th, 2017 at 6:10 am UTC · 4 min read
Contact: Marcie D Terman, Source: AICoin

Today, First Global Credit, a blockchain capital market company that has been bringing investment opportunities to cryptocurrency holders since 2014, formally launches the AICoin Initial Coin Offering (ICO). AICoin token holders become members of an investment collective that benefits from a 2-stage investment strategy. When the coin goes live after the ICO closes, 100% of the capital generated from the ICO will be used to trade the top 7 cryptocurrency markets using decisions generated by state of the art artificial intelligence trading models designed to identify market opportunities and execute trades 24×7 without the need for manual intervention.

As trading profits accrue from A.I. directed trading they will be allocated to an Investment Pool used to make regular investments in artificial intelligence and blockchain start-ups.

Not only is the Investment Collective structure unique to AICoin, the Start-up Selection Process for this second stage of investment is also unique. The token is designed as a Smart Contract which supports voting by token holders. So that this, combined with our wallet overlay which provides a ‘simple to use’ voting interface allows token holders to review the investment proposals and vote which proposition they would like to select for final investment.

The CEO of First Global Gavin Smith, who is also the driving force behind the development of AIcoin said,

“The structure of the AICoin Investment Collective is an entirely new development that would have been cumbersome if not impossible without the benefit of AICoin being built on the Ethereum protocol. For instance, the ability to allow clear and transparent voting through the Ether token will allow us to benefit from the collective knowledge of the well informed, highly technical userbase AICoin is likely to attract.”

Continuing further, Smith said,

“Research indicates that better results can be achieved by a group of people that bring diverse perspectives, skills and experience to the decision-making process rather than relying on decisions made by a small and potentially biased group. So, while the profit potential of our A.I. driven cryptocurrency trading is pretty exciting stuff, we believe the bigger opportunity comes from investment in blockchain and artificial intelligence start-up companies; two of the most disruptive and therefore potentially world changing technologies to hit the market since the Internet.”

Jon Matonis, First Global Credit Board Member adds:

“The AICoin model leverages off proven artificial intelligence models to direct market investment and coin allocation percentages. I also appreciate the innovative market differentiator which links appreciation to further investments in sector startup companies, which no one has ever done before.”

AICoin formally launches on Monday, the 17th of July and will run until the 28th of August or until the founders feel a reasonable amount of trading capital has been achieved.

Smith explained the rationale behind the ICO schedule by stating,

“There has been a fair amount of comment about the fact that we are limiting the amount of capital the ICO will accept. We’ve made this decision to ensure the trading capital does not dwarf the trading opportunities open to the AI trading model. We want to leave considerable room for the trading pool to grow on its own and not interfere with market behavior due to position size. “

For further information or to invest in the ICO, visit

First Global Credit

First Global Credit is the world’s first finance company that brings the profit opportunities existing in a wide variety, including mainstream markets within the reach of digital currency holders. With a presence in Geneva, London and Hong Kong, the company acts as a market neutral brokerage and NOT a CFD trading company that takes positions against its customers. The company has been founded with the objective of providing services that accepts cryptocurrency as a valuable asset that can be used to generate a return. It delivers these services with a focus on customer care not generally found in digital currency companies. First Global is committed to assisting our customers meet their financial objectives for their digital currency portfolios. The company’s systems are built using bank grade technology and security and are housed in Financial Grade Data Centres with failover capability. Also, the processes are designed to assure the privacy of the customers alongside the security of their assets.

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