Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan 1s Sold for $560K, It’s New Record for Sneakers

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Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan 1s Sold for $560K, It’s New Record for Sneakers
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Sneakers autographed and worn by basketball legend Michael Jordan, Nike Air Jordan 1s, were auction for a whopping $560,000. It makes this pair the most expensive sneakers ever sold.

Michael Jordan sneakers, Nike Air Jordan 1s, were auctioned for a whole $560,000, according to the data from Sotheby’s. The figure broke the 2019 price tag for Nike Waffle Racing ‘Flat Moon Shoes’ that was sold for $437,500. It is a marketing strategy that Nike has used to reach out to more new customers and at the same time keep its enthusiasts a thrill reminiscent.

The sneakers were worn in a game by the basketball legend, whereby it was auctioned for more than three times their original estimated price. The buyer of the sneakers has not been revealed however, according to Sotheby, bidding only emanated from four continents.

It was a coincidence with the end of the entertainment documentary show about Jordan on ESPN, ‘The Last Dance’. Sotheby Director of e-commerce development Brahm Wachter said:

“This shows not only the incredible appeal of Michael Jordan as one of the most recognizable and legendary athletes of all time but also that sneaker collecting is truly a global and growing market.”

Air Jordan 1s Legendary History

What made the sneakers outstanding is the fact that they were signed with a bold, black permanent marker, a rare thing Jordan did as he typically signed with a pen that didn’t hold up for a long period.

Jordan was given by Nike a signature line of shoes and also clothes back in 1984, which opened doors to the current popular basketball sneakers. With time they have become the most coveted sneakers by collectors, whereby they fetch a higher price in most auctions.

“These are the most iconic and coveted sneakers of all time, sneakers fanatics and collectors from all over the world came to the ShoeZeum to admire them, and they were the crown jewel of the museum. Owning this pair has been a real pleasure, and with all the excitement surrounding Michael Jordan and ‘the Last Dance,” said Jordan Geller, collector and consignor.

The sneakers were designed by Peter Moore, but the name ‘Air Jordan’ was coined by Jordan’s agent David Falk. Over time, Nike has released at least 20 different colorways of the original Air Jordan. Since its inception, the sneakers have been the pinnacle of most fanatics due to their unmatched quality, craftsmanship, innovation, performance and also style.

According to the post, the sneakers were made exclusively for legendary NBA Chicago Bulls player, which he wore during the pivotal early period of his career.

With the deal closed, it will open up the way for other star players like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Scottie Pippen, Penny Hardway and also Charles Barkley to acquire their signature shoes.

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