AITradeCoin: an AI-Integrated Trading Revolution

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AITradeCoin: an AI-Integrated Trading Revolution

AITradeCoin, an automated trading service powered by AI, offers investors an opportunity to efficiently achieve their financial goals without any special efforts from their side.

Along with the quick development of the financial market, new investing assets, new potential areas are emerging every single day. The rise of cryptocurrency has made the market more attractive than ever. Nevertheless, for people without any special financial background, it can be rather difficult to catch up with those trends. Trading fully on your own is no longer a smart option, leading to the invention of automated trading.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) with its advanced features as the strategic tool to handle trading in the most efficient way, AITradeCoin is a reliable automated trading service. AI-Blockchain ecosystem includes an exchange platform, a new cryptocurrency, and an e-wallet system, which will provide an appropriate environment and enhance the efficiency of trading.

AI-Blockchain Ecology Structure

AI-Blockchain ecosystem is developed to overcome the problems faced by the cryptocurrency market and build a world-class crypto exchange, opening the future of crypto finance. AI-Blockchain system’s main structure consists of 3 major elements, closely connected to each other:

  • AITradeCoin: an automated trading system based on the latest AI technology.
  • AI-Exchange: a new cryptocurrency exchange platform integrated with advanced functions.
  • AICrypto: a token developed for various purposes.

AITradeCoin Platform

To start activities at AITradeCoin an investor needs to choose the suitable investment level. With a wide range of choices, that include 4 investment levels: Start, Advanced, Pro and Premium, the AI-powered tool can generate the profit of up to 45% per month. Advanced, Pro or Premium levels also give an extra amount of daily profit. The ROI (Return On Investment) rate reaches 200% for all levels and there is not any fee for the investments. The investment will expire after the received profit reaches ROI.

AITradeCoin: an AI-Integrated Trading Revolution

It is possible thanks to the smart AI designed to trade on behalf of investors. The investors of AITradeCoin are free from the work they are supposed to do like traditional traders, including market investigations and price prediction. In addition, the platform offers a partnership program that can be viewed as an additional source of earnings known as a binary bonus.


The second product from AI-Blockchain ecosystem is AI-Exchange. On the booming of cryptocurrencies, the trading volumes and the number of exchanges continue to increase. However, existing cryptocurrency exchanges are facing various problems, such as poor customer service, confusing policies, high fee, lack of security standards leading to lack of user trust, and the biggest problem is liquidity.

A recent study reported that 36% of crypto traders are upset with the problem of liquidity on prevailing exchanges. Therefore, the developers of AI-Blockchain ecosystem decided to build this platform with the aim to eliminate the inconvenience of the currently existing exchanges.

AI-Exchange also gives traders the means to quickly and securely invest in the cryptocurrency market. It is a global trading platform that provides a broad range of trading products and services for global retail and institutional clients.

Being capable to boost the liquidity of the overall market, enhance market depth, and support the blockchain structural optimization, it can become a preferable choice of every trader, fresh new or professional.

AICrypto – the Core of AI-Blockchain Ecosystem

Developed especially for AI-Exchange and AITradeCoin platform, with application of ERC-20 technology and similar coin burn strategy to Binance, AICrypto (ATC) is considered to become one of the fastest-growing digital assets in the crypto world. The detailed information is presented in the whitepaper. AICrypto will be listed on the world’s top exchanges. Moreover, it is expected that the value of AICrypto will be growing due to the following factors:

  • AICrypto (ATC) wallet is developed based on decentralized technology, integrates various functions as well as high-security storage which has the potential to attract a large number of users.
  • ATC is the central core of AI Blockchain ecosystem. It is used to pay profits for investors on AITradeCoin and pay trading fees on AI-Exchange. The growth of AITradeCoin and AI-Exchange community will increase the demand for ATC which will definitely result in a higher value.
  • Monthly or quarterly, AI Blockchain will destroy ATC based on the trading volume on AI-Exchange until 50% of ATC quantity is burned. Applying this strategy, ATC will undergo the scarcity effect. Together with the demand, ATC price is expected to rise from here on.

AI-Blockchain ecosystem was created to solve many financial issues and help investors to accomplish their financial goals. There are various options that can help users to gain unlimited profits. In order not to miss the chance to achieve their financial goals, already now traders can register and start investing.

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