Alita.Finance: A Unique Take on Decentralization and NFT Gaming 

Place/Date: - October 8th, 2021 at 10:49 am UTC · 6 min read
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Alita.Finance: A Unique Take on Decentralization and NFT Gaming 
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Alita.Finance is a two-month-old decentralized finance venture with the mission of breaking down barriers to financial freedom and making DeFi more accessible to all by providing diverse financial opportunities for investors of all backgrounds and levels.

This up-and-coming DeFi project has been evolving at breakneck speed and continuously making waves across the worldwide crypto ecosystem since its inception in early August 2021. The past two months have been a whirlwind for Alita.Finance as it has constantly broken its own records and achieved major milestones, all while maintaining steady releases of new financial products that are well suited to the diverse trading needs of its global users.

Achieving success within today’s lucrative, yet challenging DeFi sector can be a daunting task for any emerging blockchain-based startups. Yet, soon after its debut, Alita.Finance was able to prove itself as a rising star in this industry by managing to achieve a whopping $200 million worth of total value locked (TVL) in just three weeks into being active. Its global community has been expanding at a rapid pace, reaching over 100.000 members across all social media channels in less than two months after launch.

These remarkable feats speak volumes about how quickly this early-stage DeFi endeavor has managed to gain not only momentum but also the trust of the global crypto trader community. A quick look into Alita.Finance’s recent developments as well as what it has up its sleeve for the future will help us better understand how this young and vibrant DeFi endeavor could become just another key player in the DeFi space and help expedite mass adoption of decentralized finance.

An All-encompassing Decentralized Exchange

Alita.Finance represents a decentralized finance ecosystem that aims to eventually develop into a global DeFi hub for fintech enthusiasts, and it started with the Automated Market Maker-based decentralized exchange AlitaSwap as its first step towards realizing this vision.

AlitaSwap decentralized protocol offers a comprehensive and ever-growing list of investment options tailored towards any user’s trading needs, ranging from fundamental features such as swaps, liquidity pools, staking pools, as well as farms with up to 1150% APY, and all the way through to more advanced features such as an affiliate program with a 6% bonus for referring friends, the risk-free lottery, a rewarding prediction market, an Initial DEX Offering platform, and play-to-earn NFT games amongst others.

Alita.Finance has an innovative and forward-thinking approach that aims to bridge the gap between old-school finance and blockchain technology. By offering an open-source platform for peer-to-peer trading with simplified and transparent transactions in conjunction with a vast variety of innovative financial products at users’ fingertips, Alita.Finance is striving for a more financially equal world, where all people are empowered to take full control of their finances and make better investment decisions.

Alita.Finance is also committed to ensuring complete anonymity for all parties involved and providing advanced security and protection of its traders from fraud and hacking through industry best practices so that its users can grow their earnings exponentially while deep-diving into the endless possibilities of the DeFi space.

A Next-gen Utility Token

ALITA (ALI) is the native utility token and the beating heart of the entire Alita.Finance ecosystem. From a community-driven perspective, ALI token was created as a way for the team behind Alita.Finance to give back to their supportive community. As such, ALI distribution mechanics provide that 100% of the total ALI supply will be distributed solely as rewards to Alita.Finance’s global user base and its strategic CEX partners’ traders within 5 years, with no single ALI reserved for the team behind the project.

From a utility perspective, ALI is currently used as staking incentives, farming rewards, and affiliate bonuses within the Alita.Finance decentralized ecosystem. Meanwhile, ALI has also become an integral part of various trading platforms run by Alita.Finance’s CEX partners, with its primary use being the principal trading incentive for their traders and the main currency upon paying membership upgrade fees.

Moreover, ALI is also set to become an indispensable component of a multitude of upcoming DeFi products offered by Alita.Finance. The number of use cases of this token will only increase over time as more financial features and services continue being added to this ecosystem in due course.

ALI utility value is expected to increase steadily with every new financial product that Alita.Finance puts out into the market, and with this comes a substantial rise in the global demand for ALI tokens.

Additionally, the team at Alita.Finance is also committed to combating inflation and protecting users’ investments from dilution, while further boosting ALI value in the long run with their forthcoming initiative: a buyback & burn program. The first step will involve using 0.03% of the trading fees to repurchase and burn a portion of the circulating supply of ALI each month. The ultimate goal behind this initiative is to strike a healthy balance between the number of ALI tokens in circulation and those that were burnt. To date, 513.229 ALI, valued at almost $7.9 million at the time of burn, have already been burned by the team.

NFT Games as Alita.Finance’s Next Step towards Achieving Mass Adoption of DeFi

In addition to developing into a leading global DeFi hub for crypto enthusiasts, Alita.Finance has also been set to become an NFT gaming-focused launchpad and decentralized incubator that is committed to bringing new NFT gaming projects out of their early development stages quicker than ever before.

By allowing early-stage blockchain-based gaming projects to piggyback on top of an already established DeFi network that millions are using every day, Alita.Finance Initial Game Offering (IGO) launchpad enables small and emerging NFT games to increase their reach and visibility in the crypto ecosystem at large.

Alita.Finance’s vision is to become the go-to decentralized launching point for global  NFT game publishers, making it not just a financial innovation but also an exciting new frontier in blockchain-based gaming. This ambitious plan also sets Alita.Finance apart from other DeFi protocols since it is the first decentralized exchange that acts as a launchpad for NFT-based games.

With this ambitious plan in hand, Alita.Finance is on a mission to disrupt the gaming industry by building bridges between crypto enthusiasts and aspiring blockchain game developers, while also providing early investment opportunities for crypto investors and speculators who are willing to find tomorrow’s blockchain-based game gems in today’s emerging NFT games.

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