Amazon, Apple and Google Join Forces to Create Smart Home Standard

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Amazon, Apple and Google Join Forces to Create Smart Home Standard
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Amazon, Apple, Google, and the Zigbee Alliance have come together to create a smart home standard.

The major technology players have teamed up and joined forces to create a common standard that will allow home devices to be able to connect. The technology giants that include Apple, Google and Amazon will create a common standard. This standard will allow devices to communicate seamlessly.

Pundits have indicated that this will create a basis for the effective implementation of the internet of things (IoT). IoT has had major issues due to the different methods of communication across devices. A lack of a common standard that will allow this has also been a problem.

The alliance is referred to as Connected Home Over IP. It will be led by the Zigbee Alliance. The Zigbee Alliance is a group of organizations that adhere to the Zigbee standard. This is an open standard that allows devices to be able to connect as long as they are close to each other.

Home Devices Have Multiple Standards

Home devices use a variety of standards to be able to communicate with each other such as Wi-Fi, Wireless USB, Z-Wave, ZigBee, and Bluetooth. Google is working on two open protocols referred to as weave and thread. These standards and protocols have several advantages. And hardware manufacturers employ them in different ways. These scenarios are advantageous to the Internet of Things (IoT) and other interconnected network technologies.

The issue, however, is that these different protocols lack seamlessness. This has made implementation difficult for the transfer of data across devices. Google acknowledged this in a recent blog post. The post reads:

“While smart home devices are abundant, the lack of an industry-wide connectivity standard leaves people confused and frustrated when trying to understand what devices work with each smart home ecosystem. Our goal is to bring together market-tested technologies to develop a new, open smart home connectivity standard based on internet protocol.”

SmartHome Market Will Be a Big Deal in the Future

The new alliance, however, intends to use internet protocol as the basis for communication between devices. This makes it even easier for them to be able to talk to each other. This will also herald a new age where smart devices can be able to work together basis on shared communication of data. The smart home market could be worth $175 billion by 2025.

Already, the major technology companies have a vested interest in the smart home markets. Amazon already has a wide array of devices that work together to create a great experience. Google has its own set of Nest devices. Apple has entered the game with its smart home speaker.

The goal of the Connected Home Over IP project is to simplify development for manufacturers and increase compatibility for consumers”, reads the company’s statement.

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