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An Open Letter to the Mining Community from Claude Lecomte, CEO of MinerGate

October 16th, 2018 at 12:08 pm UTC · 2 min read

“My friends, today we start the global flashmob that will let miners from all around the world be heard. Last week we concluded the ‘I am a miner’ poll, during which miners from all around the globe sent us their stories about mining – we have read every email you sent us, heard each of your voices, and, even after we had announced the closing of the contest, these stories kept on coming in. Now we have another request for you: please, don’t stop! These stories have all been very different, yet they all have shared a common trait.

They are very personal and sincere. That’s what we value most. While reading these narratives, we found ourselves thinking: miners are the basis of the blockchain ecosystem and act as the early adopters and service providers for the developers to build upon. None of Bitcoin’s, Ethereum’s or Monero’s infrastructures would exist without the transaction suppliers of the industry.

It’s time for the spotlight to shine on you. These stories have attested to the protean nature of mining. There are massive hydroelectric power stations in China and thermal power plants in Iceland who have, as brothers-in-arms, fans mining away on their cellphones. People from all over the world, across a most diverse spectrum of circumstance, and only bound together by a shared vision, take steps every day to realize that vision. The result is that every day the decentralized system becomes more and more functional.

Today we start the flashmob that will let the world see – we are the miners and there are plenty of us. We are expecting a lot of crazy tweets from all across the globe, from Brazil to Singapore. Let’s shed a light on why it’s awesome to be a miner with the #iamaminer! We invited opinion leaders and representatives of the large blockchain companies to be the part of this digital flashmob. We are awarding $1000 for the best tweet, and guarantee perks to anyone who participates. Be the one of us, every voice counts!”

Claude Lecomte, CEO, and founder of MinerGate.



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