Ankr Becomes First RPC Provider on Aptos Blockchain

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Ankr Becomes First RPC Provider on Aptos Blockchain
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The Ankr RPC solution is actively being used by the top layer-1 and 2 protocols including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Solana, Polygon, and Avalanche amongst others. 

Ankr Network, a fast-growing Web3.0 infrastructure service provider, has inched a landmark record by becoming the first provider of Remote Procedure Call (RPC) services to the Aptos Layer-1 blockchain protocol.

As contained in a press release shared with Coinspeaker, the Ankr-supplied RPC infrastructure will afford developers building on the Aptos network to access the Testnet Community and Premium RPCs, make request calls, and receive information returns that mirror the results they would get by running an Aptos full node by themselves.

Aptos is the product of the ingenious creation of Meta Alumni, and it promises to take blockchain transactions to a new pedestal in terms of transaction speed and scalability. Notably, developers building on the protocol have attested to almost 160,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS), a speed which when launched will make it one of the most functional protocols in the crypto ecosystem.

With the RPC capabilities that Ankr is offering, developers building on the Aptos protocol will now be able to build a scalable, safe, and upgradable application that can better serve users in the Web3.0 ecosystem

“Ankr is excited to be an early supporter of Aptos with an RPC that now makes it easy for all developers to start building on the ecosystem. This is just the beginning of Ankr’s products for the blockchain that will doubtlessly attract more demand ahead of the much-anticipated mainnet launch,” said Josh Neuroth, Ankr’s Head of Product.

The integration of Ankr is a testament to show how far the Aptos protocol is tying up all loose ends ahead of its mainnet launch. With the massive performance expectations being placed on the protocol as one with the potential to help onboard the next billion users into the Web3.0 world, Aptos needs to live up to its standards.

Perfecting the Innovative Blockchain

Aptos is presented as one of the most innovative protocols yet to be launched, and in a bid to make it fulfill its potential, it needs the expertise and industry network that infrastructure providers like Ankr have built over the years.

Ankr currently serves an average of 8 billion requests from more than 50 blockchain networks. The Ankr RPC solution is actively being used by the top layer-1 and 2 protocols including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Solana, Polygon, and Avalanche amongst others.

In its most concerted efforts to strengthen the operations of Aptos globally, Ankr will be providing a geo-distributed and decentralized Aptos RPC composed of many independent blockchain nodes running worldwide for low latency and reliable connections.

With the current enthusiasm building amongst traditional financial players, it is clear that many are looking forward to making their entry into Web3.0, but most will do so with a protocol that is foolproof and has user-friendly attributes. The Aptos vision is to present itself as a suitable option when compared to existing options, and with Ankr’s support, it can achieve its core goals more seamlessly.

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