Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro Could Be Out Already This Month

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by Teuta Franjkovic · 3 min read
Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro Could Be Out Already This Month
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The new MacBook Pro is going to have superthin bezels, and its 16-inch display will actually fit into a 15-inch chassis.

Even though the long-awaited Apple‘s 16-inch MacBook Pro hasn’t yet been announced, DigiTimes reports that it could be out before the end of October citing the unnamed supply chain sources.

The same sources claim that Taiwan’s Quanta Computer already started producing the 16-inch MacBook Pro in shipping quantities, and are ready for stocking the stores.

For now, what we know is that the computer could have a scissor keyboard that means the old, butterfly keyboard is the thing of the past now. Just for an explanation, while the butterfly keyboard design was thinner than the scissor one, it was too temperamental and destined to failure for many users. Even though Apple made some serious upgrades to the design during the last few years, the reality is that it never succeeds in fixing keyboard issues for all users.

As a result, there has been a decision in Apple circles that the butterfly keyboard design is one of the worst product designs to ever come out of Cupertino.

The report says that the new computer will have an “ultra-thin bezel design” that allows for a larger screen and can still stay in the size limits of a current 15-inch MacBook pro.

The new machine will be probably using New Coffee Lake Intel processors while the new Ice Lake chips are officially not yet available. Previous reports have indicated that the new notebook will feature a 3072×1920 display and will be charged with a 96W USB-C charger. The new 16-inch MacBook Pro will probably have a somewhat higher price and some reports go so far claiming it may cost as much as $2900.

This is quite a price so no doubt some will turn to more affordable versions. Just for reminder, in July this year, Apple announced updating of its best sellers – MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air price is lowered to $1,099, but it is now offered to college students for $999. The computer is sold in the same configurations as before, starting with 128 gigabytes of storage, but Apple decided to update the screen with new TrueTone technology.

It is logical though that the company could hurry up with revealing the new computer (since it was expected to be done on their iPhone 11 revealing event last month) because the Christmas and the overall holiday season is coming and it should show the real state of affair because that’s the time when the company is heaping up combining new hardware, software and services. The company hopes the revenue will be higher or at least, that the huge loss from the last year will not happen again.

We have already reported that the company has again joined the trillion-dollar society hitting the trillion-dollar market cap mark for the fourth time. The independent investment bank and financial services company Raymond James Financial boosted the price target to $280 from previously predicted $250 that resulted in Apple outperforming the rest of the Wall Street stocks.

At the time of writing, Apple stock (APPL) was falling in premarket 0.23% to $239.96. During the first three quarters of 2019, Apple’s shares rose more than 40 percent, and since 2000, its stock has seen similar growth heading into the fourth quarter. The rise of Apple’s shares was often continued until the end of the year, usually because that’s when Apple reveals new products and technologies.

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