Apple One Subscription Bundle Set to Bolster AAPL Stock in Near Future

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Apple One Subscription Bundle Set to Bolster AAPL Stock in Near Future
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Apple investors and fans finally get a chance to experience Apple One bundled subscription products and AAPL stock is likely to skyrocket further.

Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) is seeking ways to increase its revenue collection amid the coronavirus market crisis. With the Apple Event set to happen as from tomorrow, September 15, 2020, several new products are anticipated to be launched. Some of the products are the anticipated iPhone 12 different models that support 5G network capabilities, enhanced features of AI, and also AR. Also in the list of possible products to be released include updated MacBook products, Apple TV, Apple Watch among many others. One of the recently highlighted products is the ‘Apple One’ subscription bundle. Apparently, the company is seeking to provide its subscription services bundled up in one product to access more customers, therefore increase its revenue collection capabilities.

The product was discovered by researchers through the latest release of Apple Music, version 3.4.0 beta.

Plausible Effects of Apple One Subscription Bundle To Apple Stock

Apple investors and fans finally get a chance to experience Apple One bundled subscription products, with the stock likely to skyrocket further.

At the time of writing, Apple stock was at around $114.38, 2.12% higher than Friday’s closing value. The shares have been declining in the past one month, whereby they are down 2.28% in the past 30 days, and approximately 7.5% in the past five days.

Notably, through the Heikin Ashi weekly chart, Apple stock has been experiencing a strong sell pressure, with a possible correction that might take over the better part of the remaining quarters. The company has lately not released any new product especially due to the coronavirus market slowdown, whereby even the global smartphone shipment has dramatically decreased in the past half of the year.

However, led by CEO Tim Cook and an ambitious team behind him, the company is devising new ways to fund its projects and increase its value amid the crisis. Although not fully confirmed, Apple One will be a new product that will enable the company to steer its agenda forward. Investors and Apple fanatics remain positive of the launch of a bundled subscription service due to various facts already uncovered.

One of them is the fact that the company has been noted to have purchased a number of website domains that are related to Apple One. This is a common routine the company does to avoid future fraudulent activity to scam customers. In addition, Apple customers can sign up for plenty of Apple subscriptions nowadays – from Apple Music to Apple TV Plus.

“We have long argued that bundling services is a unique tool that Apple has at its disposal,” Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty wrote in an August note.

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