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Apple (AAPL) Stock Starts Gaining Today, Its Price Target Lowered to $300 from $345

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by Jeff Fawkes · 4 min read
Apple (AAPL) Stock Starts Gaining Today, Its Price Target Lowered to $300 from $345
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Michael Walkley from Canaccord Genuity lowers his Apple (AAPL) stock price target from $345 to $300. Also, he is reiterating the buy rating. Per Walkley, people dive in calculations regarding how coronavirus will impact the mobile phone market.

The future of Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) stock is unclear, and the analyst claims ‘soft June’ as the period worth noting as impossible. Thanks to the Chinese location of Apple production plants, the company’s goals in March became more frugal in reach. Apple realizes the future back on February 17, releasing the guide for March. In the report, the company did not specify the dates and numbers of sales and deliveries. In April, the company will issue additional, fiscal quarterly reports.

On Thursday, the trading day ended badly for Apple. The company stocks went down to $344,78, losing 0.77%. Today AAPL is over 2.50% up, at $251.06.

The S&P 500 daily price increased by 0.47%, while Dow gains 0.95%. Markets look like the fall is imminent, yet nobody knows the exact time. The fearful consequences of coronavirus are still hiding behind the Nasdaq’s 2.3% gain. Just like cryptocurrency market’s unexpected resurrection.

Walkley claims that Apple (AAPL) stock is set for a positive future. The customers are very attracted, and the ecosystem makes a huge impact. Ever wondered how many Apple devices are there in the world? It’s 1.5 billion, per the official registrations. During 2021, the company plans to extract more value form the 5G upgrade for the new version of the iPhone. Walkley predicts that the market will sink during summer. He claims only the second half of the year will bring profits in.

iPhone, iPad Manufacturer Lose Stock Value

Despite the investor’s shine positive about Apple, they are hoping that the company will accomplish the tasks and sales goals. During the past months, investors were scared of the 23% loss in price. That’s not Apple’s loss, but the loss of a Chinese plant making device. The computer sector of the economy lost 28% in the same period, with the S&P 500 dropping by 28.7%. The world market losing balances and in need of an urgent rebuild. Some analysts predict that Apple will accomplish the quarterly goals posting at least $60,25 billion in profits.

The Zach Consensus estimates that Apple’s earnings will set the pace for $13,40 per share. Per the yearly profits, Apple corporation will approximately declare $272,5 billion. Compared to 2019, that would sing positive. As the sales should increase by 4.74%, while the stock price will rise by +12,7%.

Investors Must Keep an Eye on Apple (AAPL) Analysts

AAPL is under heavy attention now, and the latest revisions make impact near-term business deals. Using systems like the Zach Rank, people can have a scope on the ratings ranging from 1 (Strong Buy) to 5 (Strong Sell). The rating system has a long, successful track record of bets on companies. The stocks can perform +25% annually with them.

Also, the PEG ratio is an important metric, and Apple has its ration at 1.75. Such a metric is similar to the P/E ratio, but include the expected stock price increase stats. Zachs gives Apple stocks 3 ratings, which means ‘Hold’.

Worth noting that earlier, Wedbush Securities and Goldman Sachs lowered their target prices. The new range is 265-335, while previously they made a bet on 300 and 500 respectively. Per the note to clients sent by Rod Hall from Goldman analytics:

“Our current central case is that demand improves by late May.”

Bitcoin Price May Improve by Late May Too

Interesting, but the cryptocurrency market is full of expectations regarding Bitcoin halving. The measures taken to prevent the coronavirus spread drained the market hard. We can observe classic markets panicking, total stock sell-offs, and Wall Street was stopping the trades several times a week. Many of the people don’t see any direct consequences by now. More than that, the decrease in the dollar’s liquidity will make it lose in value. Many of the world countries may want to raise their local currency by cutting off the dollar.

For instance, ECB plans to buy more Chinese yuan and less of the U.S. dollar since 2018. Russia keeps buying gold, despite its economy is in congestion thanks to the virus attack. Notably, Russia has 40,000 of the artificial ventilators ready to fight for lives. In Germany, they have 25,000 ready and 10,000 in reserve.

After the world takes over the virus attack, all the now cheap stocks will rise. Wise players will keep seeing opportunities even in case everything collapses.

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