Are We Any Closer to a Ripple Court Settlement? DOT Investors Excited About Rising Meme Coin Presale!

June 20th, 2024 at 9:30 am UTC · 4 min read

Are We Any Closer to a Ripple Court Settlement? DOT Investors Excited About Rising Meme Coin Presale!
Photo: Raboo

/Raboo/ – Ripple’s protracted legal battle with the SEC could be coming to a close soon, but most holders have restrained optimism. Polkadot (DOT) is also locked in a bearish struggle, although the drop in DOT price might be good news for new buyers.

Amid so much downward movement, we have a new project, Raboo (RABT), whose protocol is as much fun as it is rebellious. The meme coin also sports rather un-meme-like tokenomics, and investors are interested in how much potential $RABT investments hold.

More on the market situation and Raboo’s groundbreaking presale.

Ripple (XRP) vs SEC: Good and Bad News

Most analysts predicted the XRP price would experience a downturn because of the increased attention from the SEC. That couldn’t have been more accurate, as Ripple has been quite reluctant to leave the $0.50 trading zone all year despite the altcoin rallies.

Now, all that saga is ending, but the Ripple holders are unsure how to feel. On Monday, the head of enforcement on crypto assets in the SEC, David Hirsch, resigned from the commission, leaving a feeling of hope for the XRP price.

The token spiked to about $0.53 on Monday, closing the day on net gains, although the spike was relatively short-lived. By Tuesday, Ripple was back testing supports at $0.48, as optimism among the holders seemed to have waned. Ripple is perfectly balanced to go either way from here–the holders face a decisive few days ahead.

DOT Price Is Down, but Could That Be a Positive for Users?

Like other top crypto coins, Polkadot made the most of Bitcoin’s rallies early in the year, rising to a yearly high of $11 in March. The front foot was excellent from DOT, but the past two months have been largely unremarkable at best.

The DOT price is around $5.8, about 45% down from its March highs, and the current holders must feel hard done by. However, industry experts think this could be a real coup for new buyers, as the DOT price looks a lot more attractive.

The insights hinge on long-term value for DOT investors. There is no telling how the market will turn out in the short term, but Polkadot seems pretty set for long-term gains.

Unlike Polkadot and Ripple, Raboo users won’t have to wait for their profits. Or rather, they would have it all year round.

Let’s see how the new meme coin will manage that.

Raboo: Not Your Regular Meme Coin!

The meme coin sector needs a serious revamp, and Raboo is opening the conversation on that soon. But not without first securing the gains for its users.

One thing many meme coins ignore is prioritizing the community. Even though they talk about it in principle, the reality of most meme projects is very different. Not on Raboo, anyway. The tokenomics prove how devoted the Raboo project is to ensuring its members’ welfare.

First is the post-to-earn feature. Users on Raboo’s ecosystem can post meme-worthy content on their social media pages to contribute to the meme-making process. For every meme they help create, the users are rewarded with $RABT tokens straight out of a rewards pool.

The rewards pool holds 135 million tokens to motivate community members to partake in the Raboo dream. With more users on the Raboo-verse, Raboo will be a dream community for the average meme enthusiast. And that’s when Raboo will start coming for the top altcoins.

Fun fact? You can start claiming your $RABT tokens from the rewards pool before the presale ends!


Raboo is planning to bring quality back to meme creation. Its reward system is designed to keep its users in the green while the token carries out its revolution, but getting in starts with the $RABT presale.

Get the $RABT tokens for $0.0048 today and benefit from the 233% presale profits. There’s more ahead, too, as Raboo could pump 100x when it gets listed on major exchanges.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here


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