Arianee Brings Luxury NFTs to Metaverse Following $21M Raise

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Arianee Brings Luxury NFTs to Metaverse Following $21M Raise
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Arianee’s technology is also being used by luxury brands based out of Switzerland such as the Richemont Group business complex. 

Utility NFT pioneer Arianee has raised $21 million during a Series A funding round led by Tiger Global. With this raise, Arianee is set to collaborate with The Sandbox on a project poised to achieve better customer relationship management (CRM) on the Metaverse.

Arianee’s Ethereum-based NFTs are used by renowned brands such as Printemps, Breitling, Groupe Casino, Vacheron Constantin, Paris Fashion Week, Panerai, and IWC.

The raise comes 13 months after the platform raised $9.5 million during a seed funding round, which included government-linked French Public Investment Bank, Bpifrance. After a successful seed raise in March 2021, Arianee became the first fund associated with the French government to buy into blockchain tokens.  There are indications that Bpifrance also participated in this Series A round.

Arianee is a Paris-based platform operating to link NFTs to luxury brands. The utility NFTs are associated with the proof of ownership of luxury goods. This operation is an extension of Arianee’s vision to create digital valuables while revolutionizing CRM for the metaverse.

The CEO of the NFT company,  Pierre Nicolas Hurstel, believes that this will make NFTs a more powerful digital tool to enable the community to regain control of their digital presence while taking back control of their data.

Arianee Is Building a New CRM on Metaverse

According to Hurstel, the company had established an end-to-end solution customized for brands, which allows them to design non-fungible tokens, distribute them and use tokens and wallets in building a new CRM, more improved loyalty programs, personalization options and the deployment of the metaverse.

Explaining further, the Arianee executive gave an example of an NFT distributed to the community of a fashion brand. This, he opined, would potentially trace back to a respective digital item of clothing in Arianee’s newly found partner, The Sandbox.

Other FashionFirms Exploring NFTs

Interestingly, blockchain-based watermarks, or digital passports for the verification of the authenticity of luxury items such as valuable watches, are a solid use case for the NFT technology. In this regard, the utility NFT pioneer has partnered with the popular watchmaker Breitling.

Arianee’s technology is also being used by luxury brands based out of Switzerland such as the Richemont Group business complex.

Another French-firm exploring NFTs is LVMH, the owner of popular luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Tiffany. LVMH is also exploring the proof of authenticity value of NFTs.

Apart from these firms, fashion brands like Adidas, Nike, Gucci, and a host of others have made an entry into the NFT/metaverse space. Just recently Nike launched its first sneakers on the metaverse.

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