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ASKfm 2.0 Turns Questions into Knowledge Economy

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read
ASKfm 2.0 Turns Questions into Knowledge Economy
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The 4th Industrial Revolution is already here and it is changing not only the technological stack but our everyday life. The top Q&A platform has started the global upgrade to meet requirements of the new era.

Blockchain is often referred to as a revolutionary technology. That description may turn out to be something more than just a catchy phrase as the world is on the verge of a new industrial revolution. The 2010s were the time we entered a new global development spiral which is called the 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. This period is characterized by the increasing role of knowledge and expertise – and ASKfm 2.0 is here to promote the knowledge economy.

The pace of our development is constantly increasing. If you imagine that the history of civilization as we know it started 1 hour ago, industrialization began just over 2 and a half minutes ago. That moment in time was characterized by the 1st Industrial revolution that opened mechanization to the world. The 2nd Industrial revolution came in 1870 and is associated with mass production; the 3rd one resulted in the automation dominance.

The 3rd Industrial revolution became the foundation of Industry 4.0. The spiral of evolution we are living in now is dominated by digitalization. Smart houses with garages for self-driving cars that can be operated via our smartphones – the best of science fiction are coming true. But the special place in the future of the 4Th Industrial Revolution is taken by knowledge.

New technologies are conquering the world. It is therefore not by chance that this process was named revolution. The rise of Industry 4.0 is not changing the stack of technologies we use every day – it is changing our lives. One of the best examples to support this idea is the new demands in the global job market.

Manual labor becomes less valuable as artificial intelligence and robotics are attaining new heights. The whole concept of education is undergoing changes. Getting a degree once in a lifetime is no longer the case for a person who wants to be in demand on the job market. The new approach to building career includes talent development, self-education and life learning.

The World Economic Forum thoroughly studied the trends of the job market and presented a report ‘Future of Jobs’. According to this publication, the core skills of the future will be critical thinking, complex problem solving, judgment and decision making, people management, creativity and emotional intelligence.

That brings us to the idea of the knowledge economy which treats knowledge as a potential economic value. ASKfm is a platform that combines both the achievements of technological progress and the advantages of the knowledge economy.

The main value of ASKfm is its users: the first version of the platform has already attracted over 215 million people – and the community is expected to grow with the introduction of the new blockchain-based platform. The supporters of the platform are working together to create and share quality content. These unifiedefforts create various opportunities for life learning and self-education.

ASKfm 2.0 is not only providing an opportunity to share knowledge – it rewards the users for their activities. The platform is basically tokenizing knowledge with the ASKT token. The preparations for the ICO are well under way. The latest news is the CEO of BnkToTheFuture ,Simon Dixon, is joining the Token Sale Advisory Team. This man is not only a talented investor; he is a perfect example of a person that monetizes his knowledge.

Asking questions is the most natural way to get information – and ASKfm 2.0 brings this to a new level with a blokchain-based platform created for multiplying the wisdom.

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