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ASQ Protocol is Bringing Cross-Platform Sharing to Crypto

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by Maria Konash · 4 min read
ASQ Protocol is Bringing Cross-Platform Sharing to Crypto
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Decentralized content economy ASQ Protocol wants to create an ecosystem in which authors will be rewarded for quality content in an open and transparent way.

At the beginning of 2018, the Global Digital suite of reports from We Are Social and Hootsuite revealed that there are now more than 4 billion people around the world using the internet to communicate and share information that they care about.

The report concludes that Africa has seen the fastest growth rates in internet usage. The number of people using the internet has witnessed a year-on-year growth of over 20% for the past few years

Why Centralization is Such a Big Issue

The major issue with the internet today is that most of the content that we consume is being delivered to us by large commercial platforms with their own agendas.

These platforms control who sees the content, who gets paid for the content, and how much they will get paid. This leads to lots of manipulation and censorship of content, and the rewards given to content creators – who, more often than not, are the lifeblood of these platforms – are either limited or nonexistent.

As a result, content creators often find it very difficult to find an audience who will appreciate their content. Meanwhile, consumers are struggling to find the kind of content they are looking for.

Unfortunately, these platforms are the only option for many people – especially those who have yet to establish a major audience. As it stands, getting noticed outside of these platforms is extremely difficult, and monetization is almost impossible in many cases.

As a result, many talented content creators are giving up altogether.

Why a Decentralized Content Economy Could Be the Solution

A decentralized content economy would solve many of the problems currently faced by content creators and consumers alike.

For starters, consumers would be able to access whatever content they want to see and reward those who created it. They’d also be given the option to pay extra for bespoke content from these creators.

Meanwhile, the content creators would be able the opportunity to choose how they’d like to benefit for what they produce, instead of the current ‘one-size-fits-all’ model that the vast majority of content platforms are currently using.

The ultimate goal of such a decentralized economy is to create a natural, transparent, and secure means of creating, discovering, and engaging with content.

However, it’s not just the platform users that could benefit from such a model – there are also many notable advantages for commercial entities and the platforms themselves.

For instance, commercial entities would have a brand new way of getting their content in front of the users who want to see it most, and the users would be directly rewarded for engaging with it.

Finally, the platforms would be able to extract value from facilitating these rewarded transactions. Having multiple platforms for consumers to choose from would foster healthy competition between these platforms, and provide content creators and consumers with a wider number of options to choose from, depending on their needs.

How ASQ Protocol is Making Cross-Platform Sharing a Reality

ASQ Protocol is a decentralized content economy that aims to bring these concepts to reality. By rewarding participants in an open, transparent way, the platform aims to empower a brand new generation of quality content.

The ASQ Protocol platform will feature a number of different partner platforms – each of which will add another unique level of value to both the ecosystem and the content creators themselves, by introducing their content to a brand new audience, and providing a brand new, transparent monetization source.

For instance, a user can upload something on a single platform and choose for it to be shared throughout the entire platform ecosystem. For content creators, this results in much higher potential compensation for their work.

All ecosystem participants will be rewarded for their contributions in the form of ASQ utility tokens. With every new platform that joins the content revolution, the ecosystem will get bigger and better.

Ultimately, the end user will get better, more diverse content from multiple platforms, whilst the content creators will receive their fair share of the reward in a secure, unbiased manner.

The Future of Content Sharing

The process of content sharing is changing rapidly. Both consumers and content creators already have wildly different expectations than they did this time last year.

Platforms like Steemit and even the Medium Partner Program are a stepping stone. However, these platforms are largely limited by both a narrow audience base and thematic.

A platform where users have more control over their content and are granted the ability to share it across multiple platforms to grow their audience, could be just what we’ve been waiting for to shake up the content creation industry.

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