A.I. Assistant Named Daneel Provides Crypto Space with a Launchpad to Enter the Mainstream

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read
A.I. Assistant Named Daneel Provides Crypto Space with a Launchpad to Enter the Mainstream
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Daneel, the first personal crypto assistant uses conversational A.I. to provide instantaneous, simple answers to specific questions regarding the overall crypto-market sentiment.

Monitoring trends to make the right decision is a tricky task that involves deep analysis of market trends, fundamentals, 30-day moving averages and so much more. Albeit access to data and information is not a problem as nowadays we are being flooded with it every second, it is important to absorb the correct data from unbiased sources continually.

Considering the fact that the cryptocurrency market remains open 24/7 with little oversight and is highly volatile, a single individual would have a hard time performing these time consuming and often mundane tasks day in and day out with precision.

However, for a successful investor, trustworthy and balanced data is the only key to huge gains; therefore, it becomes extremely important to enrich analysis with an overview of the overall market sentiment including the general feeling about a cryptocurrency. Notably that these emotions can be volatile as well.

In a market prone to being affected by infectious uncertainty and doubt, A.I. agents can come at the rescue of an overwhelmed investor. Daneel, the first personal A.I. assistant uses conversational AI to provide instantaneous, simple answers to specific questions that an investor faces every day. One of the Daneel’s core features are market alerts, which will notify you if your investment is at risk ­‑ based on relevant breaking news and up-to-the-minute data-driven market assessment.

Daneel achieves these results by searching, browsing, collecting and analyzing different sources of information, available from different online channels: news feeds, general media, specialized media and social networks. Moreover, Daneel’s predictions are about to become more accurate thanks to a strategic partnership with Cryptorobotics, a cross-platform desktop terminal for analytical and intelligent solutions in the development of robots for trading in new markets.

Utilizing the valuable expertise of Cryptorobotics, Daneel will be able to obtain a continuous flow of trading data for analysis and potentially advanced trading graphs and indicators for trading experts. This marks the first step of building automated trading, multi-exchange and portfolio management capabilities into Daneel assistant.

Daneel A.I. assistant is the product of IBM Watson-based Daneel platform that operates on DAN tokens. As previously reported by Coinspeaker, the platform was pursuing the ambitious goal to get DAN tokens listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC) that currently represents the most viable scope of cryptocurrency market capitalizations. By now DAN tokens have reached the required daily volume of $100k and were successfully added to CoinMarketCap offering. At the time of writing, DAN tokens are traded for $0,153 per unit.

Although DAN tokens are now a good line, there is a chance for even more upwards, since DAN tokens have now adopted the Bancor Protocol that increases token liquidity for token holder and future Daneel Assistant users.

Bancor strives to provide a new standard for cryptocurrencies, one that enables any token to hold one or more additional tokens in reserve. The Bancor Protocol utilizes a “connector” method, which networks connected tokens together through formulaically calculated prices, without needing to match buyers and sellers.

Thus, with Bancor, conversion is done directly with a smart contract, so anyone can always exchange his or her token to another. Ultimately, it allows cryptocurrencies that are hardly ever traded to have a market price and liquidity – this is something that was not possible with today’s typical exchanges.

Although DAN is already available on a number of exchanges, including HiTBTC and Ether Delta, integrating Bancor Protocol will facilitate easy conversions across all cryptocurrencies.

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