Being Backed by IBM Watson, the Most Promising A.I Assistant Named ‘Daneel’ Is Taking Shape

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read
Being Backed by IBM Watson, the Most Promising A.I Assistant Named ‘Daneel’ Is Taking Shape
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The Estonia-based Daneel Company proposes a daily smart assistant using IBM Watson technology making Daneel the most powerful A.I. in cryptocurrency at your service.

The quick and massive cryptocurrency trading’s boom has led to information overload. However, the quality of at-once released information remains in question therefore frequently it appears to be biased and unreliable.

The non-professional crypto-investors, who are floating in the boundless sea of informational freedom, get confused since accessing actionable and reliable sources of information is a strategic challenge that in the meanwhile causes stress and inefficiency.

The Daneel platform is the first IBM Watson-based cryptocurrency assistant that addresses the exact needs of this growing segment of crypto-traders. Regardless the level of user’s proficiency, it is useful for both beginners and experts.

Daneel provides smart assistance for people who manage business themselves by helping with their crypto-investment’s researches and portfolio management through an A.I. assistant, which understands natural language and powered by the market-leading technology in the field of emotion analysis.

Recently the platform has concluded its ICO with 8.6 million DAN tokens sold. Starting with a successful pre-sale that resulted in reaching the soft cap in just two hours, Daneel has raised about 2616 ETH from 1581 contributors across 164 countries, that is a noble benchmark considering capricious market conditions in the last months.

Following the successful ICO, the Daneel team announced HitBTC, IDEX and Etherdelta DAN listings, and today, it is proceeding with DDEX and the first coin index listing on Livecoinwatch that will enable users to track the DAN tokens price in real time.

The platform is pursuing the ambitious goal to get DAN tokens listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC) that currently represents the most viable scope of cryptocurrency market capitalizations. The criteria for a cryptocurrency to be listed on CoinMarketCap requires a daily volume of minimum $100k as well as an accurate circulating supply figure. The DAN token has covered a half of the way since its daily volume has already reached $50k.

Nevertheless, being at first listed on HitBTC, one of the top exchanges in terms of volume, was a great start for the DAN token and the entire Daneel’s community. At the press time, HitBTC offers more than 480 cryptocurrencies, with the 24-hour volume estimated to reach $240 million. Harold Kinet, Daneel’s Head of Communications, describes this accomplishment as a first important step that prompts a further discussion with other big exchanges.

As the next milestone, Daneel is looking to bolster their team with top professionals in a wide array of fintech activities.

Joseph Bedminster, CEO at Daneel explains:

“The team will evolve to focus on product development and strategy. We are now launching our recruitment campaign to enhance our team with new talent.”

Reportedly, a top French blockchain researcher, Vidal Chriqui is joining the project as a senior advisor. This will open new potential partnerships, as Vidal Chriqui is involved in many Blockchain projects. He specialized in BigData and distributed systems which led him to work on Bitcoin and Ethereum, showing a strong expertise in micropayment channels.

Harold Kinet comments:

“We are already in discussion with other major advisors in the crypto sphere.  The project also actively works on securing more partnerships, like the one with Amon, the cryptocurrency debit card”.

Daneel’s ICO was noted by numerous members of crypto-community for its high-level transparency since the beginning of the sale and this full transparency adheres to every decision taken by the team.  According to the Daneel’s policy, a careful explanation and two-way communication will facilitate project’s development whereas maintain the support of community.

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