Become the Best Trader! Compete in the Epic TradeLink x FTX Tournament

Place/Date: - September 17th, 2021 at 7:33 am UTC · 2 min read
Contact: TradeLink, Source: TradeLink

One of the best exchanges FTX is holding a tournament among traders, together with the startup TradeLink – a service for tracking and analyzing trading accounts. The prize fund exceeds $50,000. Cash prizes will also be available for secret nominations that will be announced very soon.

Become the Best Trader! Compete in the Epic TradeLink x FTX Tournament

The FTX cup #1 lasts 1 month (from September 25, 09:00 UTC to October 25, 09:00 UTC). Registration is open from September 16.

Any FTX user can participate. If you are not registered yet – you can do it now and get 10% off commission for life: register now. To participate in the competition you need a minimum deposit of $200 in a separate TradeLink sub-account. You can find detailed instructions on how to register here. You can follow the progress of the tournament on a separate page.

Learn more about the organizers:

TradeLink is a young and bright project amongst analytics services. By adding the api-key the users get detailed trade statistics (in the nearest future the possibility to analyze every trade in detail will appear). The most popular feature on the platform is the rating system and it is open to everyone.

Become the Best Trader! Compete in the Epic TradeLink x FTX Tournament

In August this year, the platform received another update in which existing functions were refined. Market research showed that 30% of traders trade from their phones. That’s why almost all the efforts of the developers were aimed at improving the mobile version of the platform.

For professional traders, the platform has more than 28 different indicators for account analysis, as well as the widget that can be added to your website to show trader’s statistics.

The development team does not stop there and continues to work constantly on further improving both the platform itself and the motivation of all its participants.

At the moment, the platform works with the top 4 exchanges:

  • Binance
  • BitMex
  • FTX
  • ByBit

TradeLink doesn’t stop there and keeps on improving so as to help as many traders as possible on the market. Also in the near future, the platform will release its own NFT tokens and will cooperate with DeFi projects.