Everything You Need to Know About the Best Crypto Tokens to Buy for Your Christmas FOMO – Chiliz and Cryptoons

December 9th, 2022 at 2:30 pm UTC · 3 min read

Everything You Need to Know About the Best Crypto Tokens to Buy for Your Christmas FOMO – Chiliz and Cryptoons
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Many things about the ecosystem were unknown during the coin market’s early days. As the coin market has grown extensively over the past decade, many people have come to terms with what goes on in the crypto space. They have learned the importance of decentralization and blockchain technology. The crypto space has grown exponentially, from a simple ecosystem of a few coins to a full-blown financial market.

Today, there’s a bulk of historical data to refer to when trading in the coin market. This historical data has indicated that the Christmas season is a favorable period for cryptocurrencies. Many users have targeted this season to trade and earn profits from price movement. The only problem is determining the exact tokens to buy. That’s where we come in. This piece will reveal the best crypto tokens to buy for a wonderful Christmas trade season.


Chiliz is easily one of the most innovative cryptocurrency projects in the coin market. This project is unique and stands out from numerous coin market alternatives in several ways. To start with, this cryptocurrency is not concerned about transaction processing speed or scalability. Instead, Chiliz (CHZ) serves as the digital token for the socios platform. It can be found on top cryptocurrency exchange platforms worldwide.

Everything You Need to Know About the Best Crypto Tokens to Buy for Your Christmas FOMO - Chiliz and Cryptoons

The main goal of Chiliz is to connect fans to their favorite teams. It will create a new system of interaction thats never been seen before. With Chiliz, users can purchase NFTs that will connect them to their favorite teams and entertainers. This is the only token that’s accepted on the socios platform. Socios is an ecosystem where fans can interact and express their desire for their favorite teams. Here, there are digital assets to purchase. Some of them can even be won in contests.

Chiliz is already widely accepted by many top teams worldwide. There are already more than two dozen sports and esports teams on the platform. They enjoy the idea of using Chiliz to connect closely with the fans. They are also thrilled that it’s a new form of revenue for the football team. NFTs on socios are more than just collectibles. They also offer fans unique access to voting rights on stadium names, lineups, celebration songs, etc.


Cryptoons is another innovative cryptocurrency project out there. The developers of this token designed it to be a safe space for manga, comic book, and graphic novel lovers. They identified the chance to offer comic book lovers more than a platform where they can share their opinions. By relying on blockchain technology, Cryptoons can offer users access to unique merchandise and the latest projects.

It is safe to say that the developers of this project have identified the inability for creators to enjoy full benefits for their work. That’s why they have designed the NFT factory. With the NFT factory, creators don’t have to settle for the stipends publishing companies pay them. Instead, the creator can turn his artwork into an NFT. This way, creators can earn a lot more for their efforts. They will also earn money when their artwork is resold. This is considerably better than the one-time payment creators receive for their best efforts.

If you’re interested in the latest crypto updates, you’ll learn about the latest releases on Cryptoons’ comic launchpad. Here, you’ll find several like-minded individuals who are solely concerned about spreading the good word about comics. You can also announce your comic releases on this platform.

You can also find out more about Cryptoons: Website, Presale.

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