Best Crypto YouTube Channels to Follow

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Best Crypto YouTube Channels to Follow
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Here are a few of many reliable YouTube channels worth checking out for crypto news and updates.

YouTube is one of the best places to get educational content on crypto as more people continually adopt cryptocurrency every day. As crypto investors increase, so do platforms passing information on digital coins. In recent times where crypto news is everywhere – including fake and reliable ones- we have researched the best go-to YouTube channels for both beginning and veteran investors.

Recommendable YouTube Channels for Crypto Lovers

BitBoy Crypto is one of the biggest crypto communities on the internet, with over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube. The channel uploads multiple videos daily that give detailed technical analyses on cryptocurrency. Most importantly, BitBoy Crypto ensures to deliver in easy-to-understand language for all kinds of crypto fanatics. To spice up its contenct, the channel invites different guests to offer their perspectives on the crypto world. It is definitely one of the channels to watch to get the latest news in the crypto space.

Into the Cryptoverse is another recommendable crypto channel owned by Benjamin Cowen, a Ph.D. holder in Engineering with knowledge in Computational Mathematics and programming. The show is always straightforward and engaging, as Ben uses his skills as a basis for the channel. He shows price charts and data for different cryptocurrencies, mainly using a live Trading View session, and explains the data. Although the YouTuber is a very technical trader, he makes the information exceedingly clear and engaging. Benjamin has managed to garner over 500 thousand subscribers.

In addition, MMCrypto is a great YouTube channel for cryptoanalysis. The channel gives a detailed breakdown of Bitcoin price charts and always puts a positive spin. He also offers several points of view on the interpretation of the charts and even shows his million-dollar trades, which might put new crypto investors’ minds at ease.

To know more about trading, Lark Davis’s channel is a good spot. Lark has years of experience in crypto trading and the stock market, making his insights valuable. He does tons of research and manages to present it in a totally approachable way. The YouTuber has gained over 400k subscribers.

More on Crypto-related YouTube Channels

Also, CryptosRUs has been one of the dependable YouTube channels in existence since 2017. CryptosRUs is a YouTube channel on crypto news, deep insights, and Q&A by George Tung. The YouTuber gives great fundamental reasons to hold or sell your crypto. His experience in the I.T field gives him an understanding of the technology behind different crypto, which he speaks about on his channel. George provides comprehensible videos, which he begins with news and then follows by the Q&A session. The channel currently has nearly 460 thousand subscribers.

Furthermore, The Moon primarily focuses on trading tutorials and predicting the next hit in the crypto market. The channel is owned by Carl, with almost 500k subscribers. He became a millionaire from trading Bitcoin and Ethereum, a real rag to riches story. He shows incredible and nearly unbelievable gains on his channel. Carl has fantastic skills in technical analysis and has also proven to be one of the “most disciplined” traders on YouTube.

There are, however, many other crypto channels. These are just a few that are worth checking out.

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