BetterBetting Continues the Development of Its BETR Platform

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BetterBetting Continues the Development of Its BETR Platform
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BetterBetting speeds up the development of its decentralized sports betting platform, as the 2018 FIFA World Cup is right on the horizon.

Decentralized sports betting startup BetterBetting has recently revealed the details of its early-2018 technology update, which will be held just before the launch of the 2018 World Cup. Now that BetterBetting has almost filled all the new roles in its Estonia-based development office, the team members are rapidly coming up to strength. The team includes data specialists, UX, designers, along with client-side programmers and a QA along with their all-important blockchain development team.

As the 2018 FIFA World Cup is up to begin, the BetterBetting team have tried its best to speed up the development capacity of the company to be prepared with the first version of its BETR decentralized peer-to-peer and peer-to-sportsbook betting cryptocurrency-based betting ledger.

With the World Cup announcement underway, BetterBetting is in the process of preparing a detailed overview of the architecture and functionality of the platform. At this stage, BetterBetting has confirmed that it will cover football, with further sports to be released over a rolling release schedule, before the event begins.

The Football league coverage will be limited to the World Cup in the first release but soon after will include major leagues in time for the 2018/19 season, including the English Premier League, Spanish Primera Liga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, Germany Bundesliga and the UEFA Champions League. Further leagues will be rolled out as momentum grows.

The company is going to start with at least 50 markets, including the all-important match-winner, totals and Asian handicap. Having received a strong Asian backing, it is expected that the network will offer a significant liquidity on main markets presenting punters, possibly restricted or having simply outgrown their local sportsbooks, the opportunity to take full advantage of the BetterBetting Liquidity Pool.

Decentralized sports betting platform BetterBetting is already seeing a strong interest from professional sports bettors who are keen to be able to bet in a robust and secure way, higher volumes that are possible through existing sportsbooks.

All bets will be placed and settled using the BETR token officially released at the end of January, 2018. The token started at a price of 10c per token and is currently trading available for purchase on major exchanges such as HitBTC, Bancor, IDEX, Etherdelta, Bisq, and Waves.

The Betterbetting team aims to integrate blockchain technology into sports betting for a decentralized gambling system. Founded by Adriaan Brink and David Vanrenen in 2017, BetterBetting represents itself as a non-profit group of cryptocurrency and sports betting experts. The Betterbetting board of advisors is comprehensive and includes such names as David Vanrenen, Hilly Ehrlich, and Mitchell Rankin, as well as the advisors Jon Matonis, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Jez San, and Eric Benz.

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