Bicasso Is Binance’s New AI-powered NFT Generator Platform

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Bicasso Is Binance’s New AI-powered NFT Generator Platform
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Based on the user inputs, the AI-powered NFT generator produces creative prompts and produce unique images.

On Wednesday, March 1, crypto exchange Binance announced the launch of Bicasso for users of its non-fungible-token (NFT) marketplace. Bicasso is a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered NFT generator similar to other platforms like DALL-E or Midjourney.

NFT Generator Platform Bicasso

While using the AI art generator Bicasso, users can type their creative prompts and produce unique images. Besides, they can upload their own image in order for the tool to adapt. Furthermore, users will also be able to mint their NFTs on Binance’s native blockchain platform, BNB Chain.

The launch of Bicasso triggered a greater curiosity among the users of Binance’s NFT marketplace. These users quickly hopped on to the new feature while sharing their own work. In the early hours of the launch, nearly 3,300 users minted at least one Bicasso NFT. The initial free mint has been capped at 10,000 NFTs. Commenting on this launch, Binance chief Changpen Zhao tweeted:

“Here’s a fun new Binance AI product called Bicasso. You can turn your creative visions into NFTs with AI. Give it a try and show me what you make with it. Beta version live now, limited to 10k mints”.

After CZ’s announcement, users flooded the platform leading to heavy traffic on the website. The Binance chief added: “The AI is overworked for the moment. Maybe space out your requests for a bit later please, until more clones come online”.

Binance NFT Marketplace

Amid the growing demand for non-fungible tokens, crypto exchange Binance launched its NFT marketplace last year. Since then they have been working to attract some of the key projects on the platform.

Earlier this week, crypto exchange Binance joined hands with Supernormal, a South Korea-based non-fungible tokens (NFT) project. The Binance NFT marketplace shall be hosting the Dream Girl NFT collection.

The Dream Girl NFT collection is fully hand-drawn and features hundreds of traits of Kyu Yong Eom, the world-famous South Korean artist. This NFT collection basically features artwork inspired by 1980’s fashion, cyberpunk, and Japanese tattoos.

Although Binance is the world’s largest crypto trading platform, its NFT marketplace hasn’t seen a similar surge in trading volumes. The Binance NFT marketplace doesn’t rank among the top 25 NFT marketplaces.

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