Binance is Yet Again Available on iOS

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Binance is Yet Again Available on iOS
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After months of waiting, the Binance App has been re-launched on the iOS platform. Moreover, the company has good news for traders from the US.

After several repeated demands from the crypto community, the Binance trading app is available yet again on the iOS platform. Despite Binance rolling-out other updates continuously on its platform, there was a constant demand for its trading app.

A full-fledged trading app brings flexibility to users’ to instantly trade their favorite digital assets at their fingertips. Some of the Binance community members have called this an extremely bearish step and will help more users to set up trades and participate in the market.

After the relaunch, some of the users posted pictures of using the Binance app on the iPhone. After being un-operational for quite some time, the relaunch has finally encouraged users for market participation.

And it was definitely an important step for Binance. But we can’t consider it to be a step forward, as in some sense, it is even a step back, back to something that they used to have. What is the main significance of it? Now Binance has much more chances to retain its existing clients.

First of all, not all community members, according to the information revealed, were ready to sit quietly waiting for the nest days to come. Some of them started to switch to some other crypto trading platforms that provide them an opportunity to conveniently trade on their smartphones.

For example, one of the crypto community members shared that he started to use the services of the Huobi platform as its app was available for iOS smartphone owners when Binance apps were no longer accessible for them.

Secondly, even if users were not ready for changing the platform, it doesn’t mean that they were completely satisfied with the situation, which definitely could influence the level of trust. Some community members even asked the exchange to apologize for the inconvenience that appeared as a result of the app absence.

But now the problem is solved. The community doesn’t need to wait for the app to come back. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that in the context of their disappointment, traders tried to demand some other updates as well. One of them was the availability of Binance services in the United States. And now we can say that their prayers have been heard by some forces.

Binance Services in the US

As Coinspeaker has recently reported, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao shared quite interesting information in his recent interview. CZ assured that Binance US-division will launch in the next two months. but noted that “there are a lot of things in flux”.

It was already announced previously that Binance will be launching its platform in partnership with BAM Trading Services that is a FinCEN regulated trading service, however, it doesn’t have a BitLicense from New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS).

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