Binance Announces the Rollout of Binance Card in Europe and UK

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Binance Announces the Rollout of Binance Card in Europe and UK
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Binance Card is expected to become a game-changer in the crypto industry. Users in Europe will be able to get it starting from August, while in the UK it will become available a little bit later.

Through its official website, leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has today announced its official rollout of the Binance Card in the Europe and UK market. The card which is powered by the recently acquired Swipe company will be used to further digital assets adoption.

According to the Binance blog, the card will enable users to convert their digital assets to fiat instantly at over 60 million merchants across 200 regions and territories worldwide.

“Powered by Swipe’s platform, the Binance Card enables digital assets to remain in their native form until a point-of-sale transaction occurs, allowing Binance Cardholders to convert and transact with cryptocurrencies in more than 60 million locations around the world seamlessly,” the company stated.

The card users will be in a position to load their card directly from the Binance wallet in any preferences. The assets will then remain in their native form after reaching the card’s wallet.

It is after that that the Swipe’s system comes into play to convert only the needed crypto to fiat instantly.

Binance Card in Europe and UK a Key Point in the Longterm

“By providing a tangible way to transact, convert, and spend crypto for everyday use, we are furthering our mission of making crypto more accessible to the masses. Giving users the ability to convert and spend their crypto directly with merchants around the world, will make the crypto experience more seamless and applicable,” said Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ).

“We are delighted to finally get the Binance Card into our users’ hands, so they can start utilizing their crypto in their day-to-day lives,” said Binance’s Director of European Growth Josh Goodbody. “We see this product as a critical component within our ecosystem of services,” added he.

However, interested Binance card users in the European Economic Area (EEA) will be able to access the services from August, where consumers from the UK will be next to be served.

Binance Card will be a game-changer in the crypto industry and the perception of the market at large. This is because most digital assets will now be used practically in our daily activities.

With an anticipated bull run looming ahead, especially supported by a number of altcoins that have rallied in the past few weeks, the company is poised to benefit from the huge adoption in the crypto industry

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